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Bob Tinsley’s excellent Audio News podcast has inspired Team TVWriter™ to have a go at a Web Video version. To get us past the sad fact that we’re total podcasting noobs, we have enlisted Emma, the trusty A.I. who proofreads and condenses and totally rulez our prose to bring you the latest web tv series news as well.

Here’s what’s happening in the world of fiction video series made for the interwebs, and their creators.

    • I’m Working my ass off, I know I have the talent. What am I Doing Wrong?

“It sucks to be working hard, confident you have the talent, but not have any “proof” to back that up. No sale, no staff job, no feeling of success…. You know you’re working, but you also know what you’re doing is NOT working for you, so you start questioning your talent….”

This article is exactly the pick-me-up so many tired, cranky, and terrified creators need. Positivity = Productivity…of course!

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  • How to Choose the Best Live Streaming Video Platform for Your Website

“Whether for fiction series, education, concerts, news, whatever, choosing the best live streaming video platform for your needs can have a big impact on the viewers you reach. In recent years, technology for video broadcasting has evolved and expanded. The question of how to choose the best streaming service isn’t always straightforward….”

The question of how to choose the best streaming service may not always be straightforward, but this article’s answer is an excellent foundation for the web series creator who wants to be ready to take on the world.

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  • How to Start a Streaming Website
     by GRANT

“Creating the next Netflix or Twitch is no easy task, but your own streaming website can still be a lucrative and attractive business proposition if done correctly…. You can even tailor your website to revolve around streaming professional videos on-demand, user-generated content, or live streaming….”

More basic info that will give you the practical knowledge necessary to confidently show off your creative side.

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  • Why Nobody Wants to Watch Your Web Series
    by ERIK URTZ

“…That brings me to the subject at hand, the most significant reason people will choose to watch or not watch your content, and they are almost all social reasons…When you do everything perfectly, and you have millions of dollars at your disposal you can create a global phenomenon. For those without the millions, well… you can still try and do everything perfectly….”

And with great insight, Mr. Urtz gives us the downlow on the social dynamics of success. Another ultra-helpful primer for interweb video series success.

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