Big Production dreams? No $$$? Read This

The people over at Stage32.Com are so smart they sometimes scare us. Here, as Rod Serling might have said way back when, is a “case in point.”

How to Create a Web Series with Literally Zero Budget
by William Joseph Hill

The funny thing about coming up with a web series is that sometimes it’s better to not try and create a web series. What do we mean by that? Well, if you’re looking for a big picture to start from, chances are you won’t be satisfied with anything less than a big idea. read article

Andrew Orillion: Brewing Up “On the Rocks” 5

Production and Business
by Andrew Orillion

On-The-Rocks-Logo-tvwriter.comWelcome back, everyone, to Brewing Up On The Rocks. In this fifth installment of the series, we’ll look at the production of the pilot episode and explore the business side of launching a web series. Do you know how to find the best theater for your needs, or how to handle the taxes for the money raised with a crowd funding campaign? Stay tuned for the answers.

Theaters, Theaters Everywhere

So, the staff is assembled, the pilot is written and the cast is in place now we just have to film the damn thing. You might think shooting a multicam show is simple. After all, there is usually just one location and you don’t have to deal with external factors like weather or street noise. Just find a theater, setup the stage and shoot it. If only it were that easy. read article