Tyler Perry Tells Us How to Become a Famous Writer


…And the gist of what he says is, “Put your name in all your titles and write faster than a sumbitch. Here’s what ABC News says he said:

“Very early on when I started doing these plays and live shows I would travel from city to city and there were a million shows out there … so I wanted to step out among it and I started putting my name above the title,” he told a room full of reporters today in New York City.

Perry said he struggled to keep his name on the marquee early on when producing stage plays and recalled one argument he had with a promoter before a show.

“We had this argument about it. He said, ‘Who do you think you are?’ But even then when nobody knew my name, I had an idea to build a brand,” he said. “And if you’re going to build a brand, they have to get what they expect from that brand.

“So it’s never been about ego,” Perry, 46, continued. “I want this brand to be identified with this kind of entertainment.”

It makes sense that Perry would put his name on his productions, especially because his four TV shows, which all air on the OWN Network, are written solely by him, he noted.

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Do we sound snarky? We don’t mean to sound snarky. Everybody knows we love it when networks and reporters and all those mighty folk have to suck up to writers. It’s better than hearing an actor like, oh, Johnny Depp try to talk, yeah?

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