1. The PEOPLE’S PILOT especially encourages new writers because of the fresh outlooks and original perspectives they bring to contemporary electronic media, but in the interest of obtaining the greatest variety of new concepts possible this contest is open to all writers at all levels in all countries in the world except as expressly forbidden in paragraph 5 below.

2. Only online entries will be accepted.

2a. Writers-submitters may enter as many times as they wish, but each entry must be accompanied by the appropriate entry fee. (See Entry Page.) All entry fees are non-refundable.

2b. Writers-submitters may replace an entry’s original submission with a revised version at any time up to the final closing of entries (usually at 10 PM Pacific Time November 1st of the contest year), keeping in mind that the most recent revision is the one that the judges will use for their final determination.

  • All entries must be submitted as PDF files to facilitate judging.
  • We recommend that each writer(s)-submitter(s) protect his/her material by registering it with the U.S. Copyright office, the Writers Guild of America, West, or another reliable intellectual property registration service.

3. Pilot submissions must consist of a full-length English-language PILOT SCRIPT (a teleplay designed to tell a typical story for the series while also introducing the main characters and overall situation) of a new series of dramatized stories intended for exhibition on electronic media, including but not limited to broadcast networks, cable channels, the worldwide web, etc.

3a. The pilot script should be written in standard international teleplay/screenplay format.

3b. The pilot script should include a title page presenting the following:

  • The title of the series
  • The title of the pilot episode if there is such a title
  • The name, address, & e-mail address of the writer(s)-submitter(s)

4. Optionally, the writer(s)-submitter(s) may also submit a “proposal,” “presentation,” “prospectus,” or “leavebehind” to which the judges can refer for clarification and/or additional series information. Keep in mind, please, that the proposal is not a requirement.

5. All material must be the property of the writer(s)-submitter(s). The pilot script must be original work created by the writer(s)-submitter(s) and never before have been optioned, sold, or produced in any form in any medium.

6. Protections & Warranties

  • The writer(s)-submittor(s) must have copies of the material being submitted, and agree(s) not to hold PEOPLE’S PILOT, TVWRITER.COM, MANNER MOVIE Ltd, Larry Brody, and/or their employees and representatives responsible should loss of the submitted material occur.
  • The writer(s)-submittor(s) agree(s) not to hold PEOPLE’S PILOT, TVWRITER.COM, MANNER MOVIE Ltd,  Larry Brody, and/or their employees and representatives responsible should any questions arise regarding authorship or ownership of the material submitted, or of similar material, before, during, or subsequent to the judging of the contest.
  • The PEOPLE’S PILOT, TVWRITER.COM, Manner Movie Ltd., Larry Brody, and their employees and representatives will not use the submitted material or any part thereof, except in connection with the judging of this competition unless the writer(s)-submitter(s) grant them rights to the material, or the aforementioned parties determine in good faith that the writer(s)-submitter(s) do not own or control the material because all or parts of it were independently developed by others, are in the public domain, or are otherwise not novel, new, or the property of the writer(s)-submitter(s).

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