8 Tips for Writing for Children’s TV Shows

It’s Worldwide TV Writing Weekend here at TVWriter™ so let’s get started with this excellent advice from India:

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Sushmita Ghosh, Anuj Shukla and Aastha Dass

Writing for kids is one of the best and simple forms of storytelling as it is free of any incredulity. However, it is not an easy task, it requires the same amount of scriptwriting skill and craft as writing any other drama does. If you are able to write a script of a kids’ TV show, with a good turning point and meet the children’s requirement, then the kids are waiting eagerly to watch your show.

Here are eight tips suggested by Mr. Aviram (Content Director, head of creative team at Ceasikaletet, a company specializing in the production and distribution of videos and books for children) on scriptwriting for kids television series:

1. Be childish: If you are childish enough then you always enjoy doing things that kids do. You do not require any inspiration for writing for kids, you just need to be a child yourself to understand their level of needs and understanding.

2. Create a world of fantasy: Creating a magical world is a common denominator. It depends on what all characters you are introducing to the children, fantasies are larger than life things, which enamour and enchant  the kids.

3. Understand the capability of kids: There are certain rules of conversation which kids don’t understand. To be able to comprehend this, you need to have their level of understanding. For instance, if the kids understand just 900 words, then, you should use few words and inculcate various other aspects and activities in your script.

4. Provide real answers to the real needs of children: Kids have a lot of diverse needs, and if you know those needs you will be able to give an answer because there are a lot of different things that hold their interest.

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