Reality TV Troy Wants to Know What YOU Want to Know

by Troy DeVolld

There comes a time when a fella really wants to update his blog with something useful, to not simply plug something he’s got to sell or rehash some old troydevolldis coolthing he’s covered before, but there just doesn’t seem like there’s anything to be said at the moment.

I’d imagine it has something to do with being up to my elbows in a move from North Hollywood out to Sunland, where it’s quiet enough to decompress after each long week of work on a show coming back to HGTV next year, finish up the second edition of REALITY TV, and enjoy myself in the stolen moments between answering emails, consulting and all the other reality stuff I find myself doing — like revising not one but two lectures coming up at Story Expo in less than two weeks.

It’s a great life, but sometimes I get tired and have to walk away from things or handle business for a minute.  How about this — help me out by requesting something I could contribute to the blog for you next week.  I feel awfully bad about taking such a long hiatus, and would really love to share something new with you.


Troy DeVolld is a longtime LB buddy and one of the masters of the reality TV genre. The above is a sample from his book, Reality TV: An Insider’s Guide to TV’s Hottest Market. Buy it. Even if you’re absolutely certain you’ll never write anything but fiction. Cuz, hey, you never know, yeah?