See It Free: Kevin Smith’s New Pilot: ‘Hollyweed’

Hollyweed Pilot, Photo Credit: Michael Becker

by TVWriter™ Press Service

Yes, it’s true. You can watch Hollyweed, Mr. Smith’s latest pilot right here, right now.

Because, also true, is the Kevman, just like so many of us, needs to raise a bunch of $$$ to get this sucker on the air.

Here’s the pilot:

Here’s the scoop:

Kevin Smith fans will get to play a direct role in whether his comedy series “Hollyweed” moves forward.

The filmmaker behind classic comedies like “Clerks” and “Mallrats” has partnered with Rivit TV to release the pilot for the series that Smith filmed in 2016. Rivit TV aims to enable established creators to connect directly to their fans to watch a free pilot and choose what they are willing to pay for a full season, ultimately determining whether the show is greenlit to go into production.

“Two years ago we shot a pilot for a show called ‘Hollyweed’ and tried to take it out the traditional way but had no luck,” Smith said. “Cut to now, and we get to bring it back to life. Thanks to the good folks at Rivit TV, we raised it from the dead, it’s crazy. Rivit TV was smart enough to take this show and leave it up to my fans.”

Here’s the rest of the scoop, courtesy of Variety.Com