Doctor Who: In A Word

Do you know Keith Kelly Topping? We here at TVWriter™ firmly believe you should. He’s the UK’s Munchman – except that Keith very likely was first and definitely is more prolific.

In other words, we’re talking about one of our absolute favorite bloggers, a master of all he discusses…which is pretty much everything related to showbiz and politics in the UK. What we love about Keith most, though, is the way his blog, From the North, unabashedly proclaims his unqualified, overwhelming love for a little series you may have heard of called Doctor Who.

How much does he love Doctor Who? We would be glad to count the ways, but King Keith already has done so. Literally. Like so: read article

Cara Winter on Why DOCTOR WHO is Awesome


 The Anglo Files 14
by Cara Winter

As a writer, I am always fascinated by how and why certain stories ‘catch on’.  Why do some films or TV shows crash-and-burn, while others capture the imagination of legions, scoring passionate, die-hard fans?

If the world-wide reaction to the new STAR WARS trailer has taught us anything, it’s that die-hard fans are often life-long fans, as well.   But, why?  What are the components, what is the magic recipe, for creating a tale that inspires such rabid fandom?  And what’s inside the head of a super-fan; and why do they get so attached?

My current working theory is that the younger a person is when they are introduced to a great story (or, one might say, indoctrinated), the more that story sticks with them as they grow older.  The UK television hit DOCTOR WHO has rabid, die-hard super fans (called Whovians), similar to STAR WARS and STAR TREK fans.  So I thought it might be interesting to interview a young Whovian, a super-fan in the making, and pick his brain about why he loves DOCTOR WHO. read article


2 Doctors

Holy Tardis! TVWriter™ just discovered another DOCTOR WHO homage web series puppet show…and it’s every bit as wonderful as THE DOCTOR PUPPET used to be – just in a whole ‘nuther way.

Enjoy the awesomeness, Whovian puppet fanatics: read article

For the FIREFLY Fan in Your Life (Among Others)

This is what TVWriter™ calls high fashion! And so does its creator, the awesomely crafty Geekonista:


And, yeppers, we kinda think these are awesome too: read article

Peer Production: DOCTOR WHO Comic Writer is Writing New INSPECTOR Comic

InspectorComicWriterTonyLeeby Travis Richey

Greetings, Inspectators!

It’s been quite a week after our big movie news! Seeing the press response, doing interviews, and spending every spare hour at the computer running the pre-production fundraising campaign. The campaign is going well, but we still NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Even $5 helps, and if you visit the campaign, we have a way you can win free perks even if you don’t have a lot of spare moolah!

But there was at least one big announcement that flew under the radar last weekend! The intrepid space traveler who also travels through time is not only fleeing through the web series and the feature film, but is now fleeing into comic books thanks to the help of The New York Times bestselling author and comic book writer, Tony Lee!! read article