Indie Video & Crowdfunding: ‘Eagle Feather’ Feature Length Film

by TVWriter™ Press Service

Summer film festival time is here, and we’re happy to tell you that Larry Brody, munchman, and former LB student Steve Encell, have a horse in the race.

Well, actually, an early version of that horse, a short film called Eagle Feather, already has won several film fest awards and is an Official Selection of several others. Now Pace Encell, CEO of Southeast Asia Animation, the Bangkok animation house that brought us on the short version, is looking forward to taking home the gold by Kickstarting the project in another media: Feature films. read article

Web Series: A Job, a Wife, A Life

If you’re a fan of the current crop of ironic TV comedies, you’re going to love the webseries A Job, a Wife, a Life, by Monkeyface Productions. The show is totally professional in every way, smooth acting, immaculate (and cruelly funny) script, production values that make you think you’re watching your parents’ 65″ Samsong TV.

Which does bring up a question? Is this show the kind of thing that we should be getting on the web? Whatever happened to experimentation? To going where no comedy has ever gone before? To being revolutionary instead of evolutionary? What’s going on here, dammit–

Sorry, getting kind of carried away there. read article

Web Series: NIKKI & NORA

The Thin Man, only without the thin man. One of the best done indie web series we’ve seen:

Created by Nancylee Myatt read article

10 Reasons To Release Your Feature As A Web Series

This is such a great article. We hope that all of you read it, pay attention, and – we mean this – do it!

web series

by Kelly Hughes

You can now shoot a movie on a phone.

You can edit like a pro on a laptop. read article


by munchman

Alice Isn’t Dead isn’t on video, but it’s a web series nevertheless. A serialized story podcast that brings back the joys of radio drama – but somehow manages to be so visual in its writing, acting, and sound efx that you’ll swear you’re watching and not listening.

Don’t believe us? Listen to this short teaser:

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(You’ll be glad you did) read article