Indie Video & Crowdfunding: ‘Eagle Feather’ Feature Length Film

by TVWriter™ Press Service

Summer film festival time is here, and we’re happy to tell you that Larry Brody, munchman, and former LB student Steve Encell, have a horse in the race.

Well, actually, an early version of that horse, a short film called Eagle Feather, already has won several film fest awards and is an Official Selection of several others. Now Pace Encell, CEO of Southeast Asia Animation, the Bangkok animation house that brought us on the short version, is looking forward to taking home the gold by Kickstarting the project in another media: Feature films.

Here’s how Pace puts it at the Kickstarter/Eagle Feather The Feature Length Movie website:

When I started making Eagle Feather as a short I was not sure if anyone would have an interest in watching it but felt it was important to try to make a sweet, family film that portrayed traditional Native American life in a positive and hopeful way. To my complete surprise once I started entering Eagle Feather into film festivals it began being selected to play in many festivals across the country and being very well received too. Each time Eagle Feather played many people of Native American descent and non Native Americans alike would come up to say that they were moved by the film and wanted to learn more; so I believe it is possible to make a feature length family movie that portrays traditional American Indian life, lore and shamanism in an entertaining and also positive way.

My hope in doing so is that many people who see the movie will be moved to learn more about this culture and way of life. With so much of the Native American cultures having been lost and so much of their traditional wisdom lost too another hope is film will become a method of preserving what is left and in a way that it is both easily accessible and also entertaining as making the feature length movie entertaining too will make it a more interesting way to learn.

The feature Eagle Feather will also all be based on true stories and the background music will all be traditional Native American ceremonial songs that we will sing for this film the same way we did for the original short.

My hope is to make possibly the first visually beautiful Native American animated family feature film that provides a positive view of traditional Native American culture.

We will use the same animation team that we used for making Eagle Feather as a 4 1/2 minute short movie as they feel very committed about the project and its message.

When the film is distributed, I plan to donate 20 percent of the profits of this film to wildlife preservation efforts to protect American eagles.

Risks and challenges

To be honest my largest obstacle is funding at this point. I have made award winning short animated films and also one feature length animated movie. The animation team I am working with has worked with me on all of my past animated movies and we have a good working rapport so things on this front should go quite smoothly. They feel strongly about the project and are excited to work on it with me. I also have several very seasoned media veterans helping me oversee the project. Though a challenging project I believe my past experience in making animated films will allow me to not only complete the movie for this price but have it be a very good film.

Oh, and here’s the short version of Eagle Feather:

Don’t just sit there. CLICK HERE!

See what else is happening at SEAA.MEDIA

Eagle Feather has so far won its categories in the Ashland International Independent Film Festival and also the Sarasota International Film Festival. It is also an official selection in Baltimore’s Imagination Lunchbox Film Festival and the Port Orchard Film Festival – it may also still win these. It is also poised to at least be the official selection in some other Film Festivals.