Web Series: A Job, a Wife, A Life

If you’re a fan of the current crop of ironic TV comedies, you’re going to love the webseries A Job, a Wife, a Life, by Monkeyface Productions. The show is totally professional in every way, smooth acting, immaculate (and cruelly funny) script, production values that make you think you’re watching your parents’ 65″ Samsong TV.

Which does bring up a question? Is this show the kind of thing that we should be getting on the web? Whatever happened to experimentation? To going where no comedy has ever gone before? To being revolutionary instead of evolutionary? What’s going on here, dammit–

Sorry, getting kind of carried away there.

Forget my questioning. The sad truth is that the only way for most creatives who don’t have a Hollywood “in” these days to make enough money to support themselves is to create a dynamite show that gets recognized by cable or broadcast networks. That means creating something like the shows on cable and broadcast. This series does that…and much much more.

To put it another way, A Job, a Wife, a Life is a 10, and creator Brett Golov has a great shot at being a true force to reckon with in the Industry.  The proof of that is how strongly I feel for the hero. His life is such shit and…

Sorry, I’m whinging again. Watch all the episodes. Then get in touch. We’ll get together for a drink. Misery loves company and now that the laughs are over this TVWriter™ minion feels sooo alone!

Monkeyface Productions is HERE