2 Doctors

Holy Tardis! TVWriter™ just discovered another DOCTOR WHO homage web series puppet show…and it’s every bit as wonderful as THE DOCTOR PUPPET used to be – just in a whole ‘nuther way.

Enjoy the awesomeness, Whovian puppet fanatics: read article

For the FIREFLY Fan in Your Life (Among Others)

This is what TVWriter™ calls high fashion! And so does its creator, the awesomely crafty Geekonista:


And, yeppers, we kinda think these are awesome too: read article

TVWriter™ Obsession Time: DOCTOR WHO’s Karen Gillan’s Next Project

Damn the writing. Full speed ahead with a bit of casting news.


Karen Gillan to Star in ABC’s Emily Kapnek Comedy ‘Selfie’
by Lesley Goldberg

karen_gillan_a_pDoctor Who alum Karen Gillan is returning to TV. read article

DOCTOR WHO’s Dirty Little Secret?


Speaking of DOCTOR WHO (well, sorta), as everybody who visits TVWriter™ knows, we’re huge WHO fans. Which means that we spend way too much time searching the web for little tidbits about the show, the people who made and are making it, and its history.

A week ago we stumbled across a review of a book about the series that we’d never heard of before. When  we read the review, we saw why. JN-T: The Life and Scandalous Times of John Nathan-Turner, by Richard Marson Miwk, goes into facets of the life of a man who may well be the Old WHO’s most beloved producer and is mighty strong stuff, especially when its obvious audience is a fandom where most controversies swirl around missing episodes and continuity errors. read article

The Absolute Best Creation for DOCTOR WHO’s 50th Anniversary

Fish DoctorsCapture
Click this pic to see THE FIVE(ISH) DOCTORS REBOOT!

Yeah, yeah, we agree that THE NIGHT OF THE DOCTOR and THE DAY OF THE DOCTOR were both very, very good. Exceeded our TVWriter™ expectations, they did.

But the following 30 minute video written and directed by 4th Doctor Peter Davison and produced by The Doctor’s Daughter, Georgia Moffett, (AKA Mrs. David Tennant), is just plain brilliant.

Peter Davison! read article