RIP Henry Bromell, Writer-Producer of HOMELAND, NORTHERN EXPOSURE, More

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An executive producer behind Showtime’s critically acclaimed series “Homeland” and other shows has died.’s Inside TV reports that Henry Bromell died at 65. The veteran television writer and producer died Monday after reportedly suffering a heart attack.

Bromell’s list of credits included “Homicide: Life on the Street,” “Northern Exposure,” “Chicago Hope,” “Brotherhood” and “Carnivale,” among other shows. read article

HOMELAND Creators Take Their Show Very Seriously

As if you didn’t already know:

‘Homeland’: Brody Helps Nazir Kill Someone; Producers Talk Shocking Exit And What’s Next – by Maureen Ryan

As Season 2 of “Homeland” enters its home stretch, the pace is amping up, and Sunday’s episode may have been one of the Showtime drama’s most shocking hours yet. read article


And explains why she’s not gonna watch either of them again.

For your viewing pleasure.

My #2 and #3 shows, Supernatural and Criminal Minds, are getting long in the tooth (and short on fresh ideas), thus I’m compelled to find a couple more shows to latch onto while these take a nosedive wind down their last seasons. My #1 show, Sherlock, isn’t coming back until next year. I’ve got to find my TV crack somewhere. So I decided to try two of the hottest shows around, Walking Dead and Homeland. Guess what? I’m still looking.

First, WD. Not much to say here, considering I couldn’t get through the first episode. I did learn that I don’t like zombies, and this show is too gooey for me. I’ve already been called on the irony that I’ll watch Criminal Minds (creepy in it’s own right) like it’s my job, but not WD. I can’t explain it, other than if the BAU starts dealing with the zombie apocalypse, I’ll bow out. My daughter, who watches WD like it’s her job, recommended I read the books. I think I’ll heed her advice. read article

LB: What’s Up With HOMELAND?

…By which I mean I’ve spent almost a year arguing about the show with my associates here at TVWriter™ . They love it. I, well let’s just say I haven’t watched it all that much because when I did all I felt was disdain. Specifically, disdain for characters the show kept telling me where brilliant at their jobs but who, when I saw them, performed those jobs like inept, untrained idiots.

I would’ve fired everybody: Carrie, Saul, Brody. And, of course, the writers who revealed their immense ignorance of the not just how intelligence organizations like the CIA run, but of how the wheels of real life spin around. read article

Ever Wonder What Network Press Releases Look Like?

Well, here’s one we got yesterday:

Hello and a Happy Monday to you!

With the adventures of DEXTER and HOMELAND continuing last night, there’s a whole lot more in store for us to chat about this week! read article