Ever Wonder What Network Press Releases Look Like?

Well, here’s one we got yesterday:

Hello and a Happy Monday to you!

With the adventures of DEXTER and HOMELAND continuing last night, there’s a whole lot more in store for us to chat about this week!

Will Carrie be proven right about Brody? Re-experience a vital scene from last night’s HOMELAND where Carrie finds “Courage Under Fire,” racing through an apartment to prove she’s right. Watch the clip here and feel free to share with your readers:

We’ve also got a DEXTER clip from last night to share with you! After learning the truth behind her brother, Deb simply asks Dex to “Trust Me.” Do you think Deb can live with Dex’s secret? Watch it here:

To get a hint for what’s to come, tune into the next episode of behind-the-scenes podcast for DEXTER. Dexter’s Dad Harry Morgan, aka James Remar, joins the latest episode of DEXTER Wrap-Up to discuss the season thus far. Check it out on iTunes now, with new episodes of the podcast available after each episode: http://s.sho.com/V6VRYx

You can also continue to test your DEXTER knowledge with the brand-new trivia game based on your favorite killer, Dexter’s Disciples. Check it out now with new questions after each episode: apps.facebook.com/dextersdisciples

Don’t miss a replay of the HOMELAND premiere tonight (9PM or 11PM ET/PT) as well as DEXTER (8PM or 10PM ET/PT), or watch both now on Showtime on Demand!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions about anything above and if you would kindly shoot over any coverage from your site, Facebook, or Twitter that would be kindly appreciated.



We love these and think everybody should be on the list for them. Especially everybody who writes about TV because, let’s face it, copying other people’s writing and claiming it as your own is soo darn easy. (Makes you wonder how many times a day you read things like that without even knowing, doesn’t it? Well, it makes us wonder anyway.)