Kathy Fuller: 5 Ways You’re Accidentally Making Everyone Hate You

So what does the above title have to do with writing?

1) The article is written by David Wong, a writer/novelist/my-book-is-now-a-movie-guy that I could easily hate, but because of this article I understand why I don’t have to.

2) The writing biz, whether you’re slaving in Hollywood or slaving in Ismay, Montana, (pop. 19) is filled with EGOS. The only way to avoid dealing with EGOS is to never let your writing see the light of day, and of course that’s not what you’re going to do. So navigating those EGOS while you pitch, produce, refine, get rejected, wallow in self-pity, then do it all over again is key to survival. read article

Something Only a Writer Would Understand…


It’s a T-shirt. For $17.99. And you can get it:

Kathy Sees “Warm Bodies”

If only all zombies were so sexay.
If only all zombies were so sexay.

Despite my intense dislike for all things zombalicious, I’ve been excited about “Warm Bodies” ever since I saw the previews during that hideous movie Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2. I thought the premise was interesting: a young zombie meets a cute girl who revives his cold dead heart. Plus his skin wasn’t peeling off in thick oozing layers. And there was a hint of snarky humor, something I can appreciate.

Alas, the humor is only a hint, the story not as interesting as promised, and most of all, the whole thing just reinforced what I’ve concluded is my main problem with zombies in general–they’re boring. They move in slo-mo, their primary form of communication is grunting, and they eat brains as a main course. What’s so exciting about that? What’s scary about that? Now if they could turn invisible, moved faster than the speed of light, and sucked your brains out of your left nostril, then that would be a little unsettling.

These zombies? Meh. read article

Kathy reviews “APE: How To Publish A Book–Author, Publisher, Entrepreneur”

APE is available at Amazon.Com

Disclosure: I’m entering my 13th year as a novelist, with over 20 published books as of this writing. I am both pro-traditional publishing and pro-self-publishing. My review comes from a completely neutral viewpoint. 

Interested in self-publishing? Who isn’t now days? While the book publishing industry is undergoing major–and I mean major–upheaval right now, it’s never been a better time to be an author. Anyone can publish a book, which is the main idea behind APE. Guy Kawasaki is a case in point.

Basically APE is an amalgamation of information that’s readily available on the internet–for free. Kawasaki is about a year late with his entry into the Self-Publishing Guide genre, although he’s covered by stating that the info in this book can change at any minute, and how awesome is it that he can update his book at anytime? Just one of many benefits of self-publishing. read article

Kathy Sees Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2

In which there was a whole lotta this:

and a tremendous amount of this: read article