Kathy Sees Twilight: Breaking Dawn 2

In which there was a whole lotta this:

and a tremendous amount of this:

mainly from Michael Sheehan. Thank you for being the only actor who seemed to understand the ridiculousness of the whole thing. There were also way too many

moments, which made me feel like this

while I was watching it.

I’m not a Twilight hater. I didn’t read the books, but have seen all the movies (I have two teen daughters) and I was actually looking forward to this one because I thought for sure it would be better than all the others, since it was the finale and everything.

Um, no. The only way you could possibly (and I sincerely mean possibly) make sense of this is if you watched the other movies. Even then it’s doubtful. And like the other movies, it dragged, had long, awkward pauses, weirdly spoken dialogue, and bad CGI effects.

Basically all these movies could have been boiled down into one or possibly two TV movies on ABC Family. Thus what ends up as an artistic nightmare translates in to billions and billions for Summit, the actors, and Hollywood. Blergh.