And explains why she’s not gonna watch either of them again.

For your viewing pleasure.

My #2 and #3 shows, Supernatural and Criminal Minds, are getting long in the tooth (and short on fresh ideas), thus I’m compelled to find a couple more shows to latch onto while these take a nosedive wind down their last seasons. My #1 show, Sherlock, isn’t coming back until next year. I’ve got to find my TV crack somewhere. So I decided to try two of the hottest shows around, Walking Dead and Homeland. Guess what? I’m still looking.

First, WD. Not much to say here, considering I couldn’t get through the first episode. I did learn that I don’t like zombies, and this show is too gooey for me. I’ve already been called on the irony that I’ll watch Criminal Minds (creepy in it’s own right) like it’s my job, but not WD. I can’t explain it, other than if the BAU starts dealing with the zombie apocalypse, I’ll bow out. My daughter, who watches WD like it’s her job, recommended I read the books. I think I’ll heed her advice.

Do we look photoshopped to you?

Next was Homeland. I gave this show four episodes before I bailed. But I really had to think about why I wasn’t hooked. I mean, this is the most awesomest show at the moment, right? That’s what the critics say. What all the award winning tells me. What the fans gush about. And therein lies the problem for me–if I’d started watching this show from the moment it premiered, I might still be watching. It’s got good writing, good acting, a few twists…but nothing mind-blowing. Plus, there’s stuff here we’ve seen before ad nauseum–a love triangle, a crazy person/drug addict/alcoholic in a position of importance/authority who has to hide her problems or lose her job, a snotty teenage girl, a sage mentor who has issues of his own, and a hero who’s equally protag and antag.

What’s wrong with that, you ask? Nothing. Makes for good TV, good soap, good movies. But IMO it doesn’t live up to the hype. I felt that if it wasn’t for the F word and the T&A, this show could be on regular TV. And considering the state of regular TV, that’s not a compliment. My expectations were so high for this show, I think I was bound to be disappointed.

I’ll be the first to admit Supernatural isn’t high-brow entertainment, and Criminal Minds has slipped in quality for a while now. (Don’t touch my Sherlock, though. It’s perfect.) I’m not comparing WD and Homeland to those shows. Bottom line–for me it’s a matter of lack of taste for Walking Dead, and a problem with the hype machine for Homeland.

I’m still looking for a few good shows–feel free to comment about your recommendations.