Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 2/10/14

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
by munchman

  • Nahnatchka Khan (DON’T TRUST THE BITCH) has written FRESH OFF THE BOAT, an ABC pilot based on Eddie Huang‘s memoir about a Chinese family that comes to the U.S. and settles in suburban Orlando.  (Don’t want to say that the network is into stereotyping, but Ms. Khan is herself a first generation American from an immigrant family. So perfect, right? Or, you know, not.)
  • Chris Moynihan (MAN UP) is writing the ABC pilot SAINT FRANCIS, about a no-nonsense Long Island cop who “butts heads with the modern, liberal world when his…” unmarried sister gets pregnant. (Yes, friends and neighbors, this kind of archaic dog doo passes as new and original to the great thinkers running network TV development. Don’t get yrs trly started on this…no, don’t, I mean it….)
  • Frank Spotnitz (THE X-FILES) is the new showrunner of TRANSPORTER: THE SERIES, a French series that’s coming to TNT this fall. (It’s based on the popular French film franchise of the same name – well, without the “The Series” part, and this guy here (that would be me) is really looking forward to it. But what do I know?)
  • Neil Gaimon’s novel American Gods is being developed as a TV series by FremantleMedia North America, which is cause for all of us to shout “Hallelulah!” cuz…masterpiece, right? (No writer’s been set yet, so if you think you’re qualified it’s time to get on the horn. Invite Neil to dinner. Kiss up. Show the genius a really good time…and then, when you’re set, don’t forget to talk up your pal munchie. I know I can count on you!)

Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 8/12/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Dan Kopelman (RULES OF ENGAGEMENT) is writing the pilot for an untitled Nickelodeon comedy about a 12 year old Army brat. (Although the majority of sites that report on this kind of thing bury his name and concentrate on the fact that one of the producers is the star of another upcoming Nick series. Notice that we aren’t naming her. Take that, big stars!)
  • Jack Moore (newb!) has landed a gig on Fox’s new sitcom US & THEM. (And he did it via his Twitter feed @seinfeldtoday, which features loglines for nonexistent contemporary episodes of the old SEINFELD series. Why didn’t you think of that? Huh?)
  • Nahnatchka Khan  & Corey Nickerson (DON’T TRUST THE B— IN APT 23)  are writing the pilot for FATRICK, a Fox Network sitcom about, no, you’re wrong, not a fat guy but a former fat guy. Ha! (See how they did that? Pulled the big set-up switcheroo, we man? That’s the kind of thing that makes you rich even if your last series bombed.)
  • Todd Holland (TWIN PEAKS) is writing an untitled science fiction project about an immortal bounty hunter to NBC. (Because THE HIGHLANDER feature film reboot is doing so well. Oh, wait, hasn’t it been abandoned? )

Sitcom Showrunners Expound on the Future

…And they sure as hell know a lot more than most TV execs!

The Future of Sitcoms According to the Creators of ‘Parks and Rec,’ ‘Enlightened,’ ‘Don’t Trust the B—’ and ‘Raising Hope’ – by Alison Willmore

Greg Garcia (the creator and executive producer of Fox’s “Raising Hope”), Nahnatchka Khan (the creator and executive producer of ABC’s “Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23”), Michael Schur (the co-creator of NBC’s “Parks and Recreation”) and Mike White (the co-creator, co-star and executive producer of HBO’s “Enlightened”) gathered in Manhattan this past weekend for a New Yorker Festival event entitled “The Future of Sitcoms.” While the panel did not, as jokingly promised by moderator Emily Nussbaum, the magazine’s TV critic, come up with a plan for the next stage of comedy during its 90-minute run, it did cover some very interesting ground about how sitcoms are evolving in a way that may be quieter but is no less significant than what’s happening with dramas. Here are some highlights from the event:

Storytelling is getting more sophisticated. When working on his 2004 Fox series “Cracking Up,” the single-camera aesthetic was “still in its infancy,” according to Mike White, and “networks were extremely prescriptive about how it should look and feel.” White said he feels it’s since changed and opened up considerably. That said, it doesn’t mean that everyone’s ready to come along for the ride — as Garcia pointed out, “the shows that get the biggest ratings aren’t doing anything new” and that the definition for success is “what will make the most money for networks in syndication.” But Khan was hopeful, saying that what’s important is that these ideas are “percolating” and that “change takes time” — “what’s considered a hit now” is different, she said.

Everyone’s in awe of “Louie.” Louis C.K.’s FX show was brought up several times as something to admire. “Among writers, that’s the number one thing we talk about,” said Schur, while Khan called out the episode “Dad,” in which a long sequence was dedicated to Louie running away from his father, as “fantastic to me” — “It’s so raw. I find it refreshing. For me, that’s hopefully where comedy is going.” But they admitted the show wasn’t for everyone, and that it wasn’t something everyone could pull off. Garcia acknowledged that “some members of the audience could find it offputting,” and Schur cautioned about claiming the show heralds a new era: “To do what he does, you have to be as funny as Louis C.K. — and that narrows the field down to one person… It’s hasty to say everything’s different because of Louis C.K.”

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We’re Getting Kinda Interested in THE BITCH IN APARTMENT 23

This article has made us decide to give the show a try. (Wow! Yay, PR!)

‘Apartment 23’: More Beek Jeans, Romance for Chloe and 9 More Teasers From the Cast, Creators – by Lesley Goldberg

After a seven-episode first season that found June making out with Chloe’s dad (ew!), Fake James Van Der Beek launching a clothing line (Beek Jeans!) and Chloe literally adopting an teenager to serve as her assistant, the insanity on ABC’s Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 has only just begun…

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with the cast Thursday at the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour to get the scoop with the showrunners already seven scripts in. Here are 11 spoilers from the cast and creators.

1. Season 2 will consist of 19 episodes — including the six held over from Season 1 that will feature Fake James (aka TV JVDB) as a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. Khan tellsTHR that those episodes will be interspersed throughout the season. “We’re going to try to get it as close to that as we can and do some crossovers,” Khan says of matching up theApartment 23 faux-Dancing with ABC’s actual season finale. (And yes, there’s always the possibility for the network to order additional episodes.)

2. Chloe will meet her match. Producers are currently testing a potential love interest to recur for Ritter’s titular bitch — but there’s a twist. “She’s pulling another scam and halfway through, the guy flips the tables on her and she’s taken aback,” Khan says, noting her dream cast is Ryan Gosling, but if he’s unavailable David Schwimmer would work well. “It’s got to be somebody who can hold their own with Krysten. It’s Chloe meeting her match, the ‘Bastard in 407!’ ” Ritter, meanwhile, has her own stunt casting in mind for the role: “I’d rather see Katie Holmes as a love interest — it’d be amazing and a way to spin the whole Dawson’s Creek reunion on its ear! We’d be the cutest couple, we’re both 5-foot-9!” she enthused.

3. Khan says she’s heard ex-Dawson’s Creek-er Joshua Jackson wants to be on the show — allow us to suggest the Fringe star for Ritter’s rube/love interest!

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Sorry, but we can’t help it. When the creators speak we listen. ‘Cuz they know stuff no one else does.