TV Writing Isn’t as Easy as It Looks

Nor is it always fun.

Alan Kirschenbaum by himself, on Instagram

PASSINGS: Alan Kirschenbaum (L.A. Times)

Alan Kirschenbaum, a TV producer and comedy writer who worked on shows including ‘Raising Hope,’ ‘My Name is Earl’ and ‘Yes, Dear,’ dies at 51.

Alan Kirschenbaum, 51, a television producer and comedy writer who worked on such shows as“Raising Hope,”“My Name is Earl” and “Yes, Dear,” which he co-created, was found dead Friday at his Burbank home.

Early reports indicate he may have committed suicide, according to a spokesman for the Los Angeles County coroner’s office. No other details were released. An autopsy is pending. read article

Sitcom Showrunners Expound on the Future

…And they sure as hell know a lot more than most TV execs!

The Future of Sitcoms According to the Creators of ‘Parks and Rec,’ ‘Enlightened,’ ‘Don’t Trust the B—’ and ‘Raising Hope’ – by Alison Willmore

Greg Garcia (the creator and executive producer of Fox’s “Raising Hope”), Nahnatchka Khan (the creator and executive producer of ABC’s “Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23”), Michael Schur (the co-creator of NBC’s “Parks and Recreation”) and Mike White (the co-creator, co-star and executive producer of HBO’s “Enlightened”) gathered in Manhattan this past weekend for a New Yorker Festival event entitled “The Future of Sitcoms.” While the panel did not, as jokingly promised by moderator Emily Nussbaum, the magazine’s TV critic, come up with a plan for the next stage of comedy during its 90-minute run, it did cover some very interesting ground about how sitcoms are evolving in a way that may be quieter but is no less significant than what’s happening with dramas. Here are some highlights from the event: read article

Suddenly, We Want to See This Episode of RAISING HOPE

Good publicity does work. Keep sending us stuff, guys!

Keck’s Exclusives First Look: Raising Hope Books Mom-Daughter Duo – by William Keck (TV Guide)

Five decades after The Birds almost pecked her to death, Tippi Hedren ends up in a casket on the October 2 season premiere of Raising Hope. Hedren plays Sabrina’s recently deceased and filthy rich Nana (she appears alive in a videotaped message). Added bonus: Hedren’s daughter, Melanie Griffith, plays Sabrina’s narcissistic mom, Tamara. read article