Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 9/27/13

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are

  • Anthony Zuiker (CSI) has sold his new drama series, THE BOUNTY, to ABC. (And it actually looks like something new and different: “THE BOUNTY centers around one victim’s quest for justice…After her family murdered, a national frenzy erupts as she inspires…the largest bounty in history for the killer’s capture.” We love how Rod Serling-esque this show sounds.)
  • Evan Daugherty (SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN) is writing ABC’s ESMERELDA, a limited series based on The Hunchback of Notre Dame. (Sorry but our hopes aren’t all that high re this one. SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN? ESMERELDA? Remember when we used to say “Meh?”)
  • Ali Adler (THE NEW NORMAL) is writing the pilot for ABC’s new untitled comedy about what moms do while their exes have the kids. (Another show about a topic we’ve never seen on TV before. Definitely in our plus column, ABC D-folks.)
  • Danny Strong (LEE DANIELS’ THE BUTLER) is writing an untitled Fox pilot described as “a hip hop drama.”  (We figure this one could go either way, especially since it’s being directed by Lee Daniels. But if we had the opportunity we’re honestly not sure we’d work with a guy who insisted on making his possessory credit – which writers can never get – into the title of his work. Know what we’re sayin’>)
  • Michael Vickerman (IMPACT) is writing a 6 episode mini-series for Spike TV about the life and death of a certain Egyptian guy – King Tut himself. (And we think this is even cooler than THE BOUNTY. Politics. Intrigue. Murder. Ni-ice.)

The TV Academy Gave Out Some Emmys The Other Night

…but we just couldn’t work up enough interest to watch. No, wait, we don’t mean that. We mean that we’re against the idea of artists being regarded as competing for things like awards. Competing for jobs, sure, but awards?  That’s soo uncreative. Anyway here are all the winners. The ones we care about, that is:

Hmm, this dude isn’t writing so he must be singing

Writing for a Comedy Series
Louis C.K.: LOUIE: Pregnant

Writing for a Variety Special
Louis C.K.: Live at the Beacon Theatre, Louis C.K. read article