A Genuine, Neil Gaiman Written DOCTOR WHO Minisode

DR WHO Complete S7 2D_RGB_DVD

Have you ever thought of the Doctor and River Song as an old married couple? You know, like your parents?

Neil Gaiman has, in this itty bitty little Extra from the DOCTOR WHO Series 7 DVD Box Set: read article

A Kathy Fuller Web Find: Ten Life Lessons from Dr. Who

I’m sure we could all learn way more than ten lessons from Dr. Who, but this is a blog post, not a self-help book.

Ten Life Lessons From Doctor Who

by David Weedmark

I bought a new pair of shoes a couple weeks ago. They’ve been a tremendous help to my sanity. They’re just a pair of plain Converse sneakers to most people, but to me and a few of you, there is a special significance to this brand of shoes. Because Converse sneakers, like a bow tie, or even a fez, are cool. I’m referring of course to the BBC’s Doctor Who. It is one of the few television shows to which I’ll admit I’m a fan. Because, like a few great works of drama, it is entertaining (funny at times, scary at others, and often simultaneously) and is a constant reminder of what is important. The most important things, I’ve often said, are also the things we tend to forget the most easily. read article

Travis Richey Keeps Us Up to Date About NOT INSPECTOR SPACETIME

Straight from our e-mail in-box to all our TVWriter™ buds, everything you need to know about the web series formerly known as INSPECTOR SPACETIME but now called UNTITLED WEB SERIES ABOUT A SPACE TRAVELER WHO CAN ALSO TRAVEL THROUGH TIME…(yeah, we’ve talked about this before):

Greetings, Inspectators! read article

POND LIFE, the Complete Series for DOCTOR WHO Lovers

All right here, on TVWriter™. You don’t even have to leave the site. Just click on the pic.


See all 5 episodes of POND LIFE before the Doctor returns to BBC America Saturday night!
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It’s Official: DOCTOR WHO Series (Season) 7 Bows Sept. 1

Set your DVRs, gang, because the word’s come down from those who really know: Here’s the tweet from The Official Doctor Who Website:

#DoctorWho Asylum of the Daleks premieres on BBC One, Sat 01
Sept 7.20p.m. New mini-adventure – #PondLife – begins online on Mon, 27th Aug.
— Doctor Who Official (@bbcdoctorwho) August 22, 2012

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