A Genuine, Neil Gaiman Written DOCTOR WHO Minisode

DR WHO Complete S7 2D_RGB_DVD

Have you ever thought of the Doctor and River Song as an old married couple? You know, like your parents?

Neil Gaiman has, in this itty bitty little Extra from the DOCTOR WHO Series 7 DVD Box Set:

EDITOR’S NOTE: Good news. YouTube has come up with the other 2 minisodes from the box set. The reproduction quality isn’t as good as the one above, but, hey, there’s here: (Any time you want to applaud let us know so we can smile and bow.)

A Kathy Fuller Web Find: Ten Life Lessons from Dr. Who

I’m sure we could all learn way more than ten lessons from Dr. Who, but this is a blog post, not a self-help book.

Ten Life Lessons From Doctor Who

by David Weedmark

I bought a new pair of shoes a couple weeks ago. They’ve been a tremendous help to my sanity. They’re just a pair of plain Converse sneakers to most people, but to me and a few of you, there is a special significance to this brand of shoes. Because Converse sneakers, like a bow tie, or even a fez, are cool. I’m referring of course to the BBC’s Doctor Who. It is one of the few television shows to which I’ll admit I’m a fan. Because, like a few great works of drama, it is entertaining (funny at times, scary at others, and often simultaneously) and is a constant reminder of what is important. The most important things, I’ve often said, are also the things we tend to forget the most easily.

So for my friends in the U.K. and Canada where the show is easily available, here are ten reminders of important life lessons from Doctor Who:

doctor who poke it with a stick1. Curiosity counts. I was recently asked what is the most important quality in life and, to my surprise, the word that came out of my mouth was “curiosity.” Helen Keller once said “Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” If this is true – and I suspect it is – fostering a deep commitment towards curiosity is the distinction between these choices. I don’t think you could survive a lifespan over 900 years without it. Even while being faced with genuine danger, The Doctor is always the embodiment of curiosity. More often than not, it is his curiosity that helps him solve the mystery behind the danger.

“There’s something out of place – let’s go and poke it with a stick.” – The Doctor (Amy’s Choice episode)

Read the rest here.

Travis Richey Keeps Us Up to Date About NOT INSPECTOR SPACETIME

Straight from our e-mail in-box to all our TVWriter™ buds, everything you need to know about the web series formerly known as INSPECTOR SPACETIME but now called UNTITLED WEB SERIES ABOUT A SPACE TRAVELER WHO CAN ALSO TRAVEL THROUGH TIME…(yeah, we’ve talked about this before):

Greetings, Inspectators!

It is with an enormous sense of pride that I announce the completion of Season 1 of the erstwhile Inspector Spacetime web series! A name change and minor design tweaks didn’t deter us from bringing The Inspector to the fans, and reaction has been fantastic! (and personally, I think the new costume is amazing).

We have a playlist available, and you can even grab the embed code so that fans can watch the entire series right on your website!

Upon launch, we got coverage from Entertainment Weekly, Huffington Post, The Onion AV Club, USA Today, Blastr.com (Syfy), TVLine.com, BBC America (twice), Buzzfeed, Slashfilm.com and Cheezburger.com just to name a few! (and just learned we’re in this month’s issue of SFX Magazine in the UK!)

Now that the series is released in it’s entirety, I would love your help in letting people know! I think you’ll agree that each part just gets better and better until the climactic finale where The Inspector and Piper face off against Boyish the Extraordinary, Evil inspector, and Boyish’s own doppleganger!

**Plus, You probably have Community fans that are frustrated by it’s continued delay, and Doctor Who fans who JUST CAN’T WAIT for the Christmas special and the rest of Series 7! What better thing to give them than the show that brought those two fandoms together!

COMING UP: Awards season! We’re waiting to hear about possible nominations for the Streamy Awards and the IAWTV awards. Also, we’re planning some special things for panels at Bent-Con in December and Gallifrey One in February! And did we just start an email exchange with Thinkgeek about bringing the Optic Pocketknife to fans? According to Twitter we did 😉

Thank you again for your continued support! It means the world to me and the amazing cast and crew who made this series happen!


So, um, Trav, level with us. Are we really supposed to forgive you for not mentioning all the support LB and TVWriter™ have given the show over the past several months? Honestly, dood, do you think the traffic generated by EW, HuffPo, The Onion, etc. in any way compares with what’s coming from here?

While we’re waiting for Trav’s reply, we suggest you clever viewers check out the official Inspector Whatever website, and the full run of episodes on YouTube.

POND LIFE, the Complete Series for DOCTOR WHO Lovers

All right here, on TVWriter™. You don’t even have to leave the site. Just click on the pic.


See all 5 episodes of POND LIFE before the Doctor returns to BBC America Saturday night!

It’s Official: DOCTOR WHO Series (Season) 7 Bows Sept. 1

Set your DVRs, gang, because the word’s come down from those who really know: Here’s the tweet from The Official Doctor Who Website:

#DoctorWho Asylum of the Daleks premieres on BBC One, Sat 01
Sept 7.20p.m. New mini-adventure – #PondLife – begins online on Mon, 27th Aug.
— Doctor Who Official (@bbcdoctorwho) August 22, 2012

And that’s not all. The site has also announced a prequel to the first episode, ASYLUM OF THE DALEKS. Called, POND LIFE, this little masterpiece is a five part “mini-adventure” that will be appearing on the BBC DOCTOR WHO page, written by Chris Chibnall and directed by Saul Metzstein, and starring – but of course – Amy and Rory themselves.

As Chris Chibnall says in print, and Arthur Darville says in the trailer:

Pond Life provides us with a lovely opportunity to catch-up with Amy and Rory since we saw them at the end of the last series.  It opens with the Ponds at home and gives us an insight in to just what happens when the Doctor drops in and out of their lives.  Travelling with the Doctor is one of the greatest things you can do, but it’s fun to spend a few moments looking at the chaos he can also bring.

We admit it. We’ll be watching. Or, to put it in Whovian: “Squee!”