A Kathy Fuller Web Find: Ten Life Lessons from Dr. Who

I’m sure we could all learn way more than ten lessons from Dr. Who, but this is a blog post, not a self-help book.

Ten Life Lessons From Doctor Who

by David Weedmark

I bought a new pair of shoes a couple weeks ago. They’ve been a tremendous help to my sanity. They’re just a pair of plain Converse sneakers to most people, but to me and a few of you, there is a special significance to this brand of shoes. Because Converse sneakers, like a bow tie, or even a fez, are cool. I’m referring of course to the BBC’s Doctor Who. It is one of the few television shows to which I’ll admit I’m a fan. Because, like a few great works of drama, it is entertaining (funny at times, scary at others, and often simultaneously) and is a constant reminder of what is important. The most important things, I’ve often said, are also the things we tend to forget the most easily. read article