Peer Production: A Beginner’s Guide to Stop Motion Animation

…And it’s by Alisa Stern, the very talented creator of The Doctor Puppet, so it’s not only a great primer, it’s entertaining as, well, hell:

Cartoon: The 12th Doctor…for Continuity Freaks

This is kinda a Whovian in-joke, but we loves us the art:

12th DoctorFrom the ever-delightful (except when it isn’t) Doctor Puppet blog.

Peer Production: The Doctor Puppet is Growing Up


By which we mean that Doctor Puppet creator Alisa Stern is maturing as a creator and we’re loving watching it all happen. Oh, and there’s also this:

The last few months of 2013 will be a very special time for Doctor Who, and Doctor Puppet as well. I have lots of things planned and will release more details in the coming weeks! read article

The Doctor Puppet Presents Us with a New Toy

Courtesy of Alisa Stern:

tardis animated

An animated gif of everybody’s favorite polilce box. read article

Peer Production: 4th Ep of THE DOCTOR PUPPET Debuts August 5th

doctorpuppetasvideostarEverybody loves puppets, right?

And everybody loves DOCTOR WHO, no?

What about peer production? read article