Peer Production: A Beginner’s Guide to Stop Motion Animation

…And it’s by Alisa Stern, the very talented creator of The Doctor Puppet, so it’s not only a great primer, it’s entertaining as, well, hell:

The Doctor Puppet Presents Us with a New Toy

Courtesy of Alisa Stern:

tardis animated

An animated gif of everybody’s favorite polilce box.

Yeah, the Doctor Puppet is still hella cool!

Peer Production: You Can Still See DOCTOR PUPPET EP 4


…Cuz that’s one of the wonderful things about the interweb and its series. They’re on 24/7. For as long as the webs shall live:

And of course you can find links to the other three on Alisa Stern’s Doctor Puppet Tumblr blog.


Why We Don’t Post Much About the Doctor Puppet Anymore

Um, because we don’t have to.

He’s huge now.

Click image to go to the Doctor Puppet’s YouTube channel!

Oh, and the Tumblr blog of Alisa and the ever growing gang of puppets is HERE.

And if you don’t think that this blog and the creativity behind it have been the best career move Alisa’s ever made, whoa, baby, you really don’t understand the biz at all!

Good luck, kids! (Don’t worry. We’ll still be letting everybody know when the new Doctor Puppet videos are out.)

The Doctor Puppet is 1 Year Old

Both of him:

Doctors Candle
Click Pic to Visit the Doctor Puppet on Tumblr

Happy Anniversary indeed, Doctor Puppet(s). Now that you’re a big success we’re counting on you to put out more animated adventures cuz, hey, we just gotta move, y’know?

Go, go, go!