Peer Production: 4th Ep of THE DOCTOR PUPPET Debuts August 5th

doctorpuppetasvideostarEverybody loves puppets, right?

And everybody loves DOCTOR WHO, no?

What about peer production?



Well, then, let’s try another angle:

Our Beloved Leader, LB, loves puppets.

He also loves DOCTOR WHO.

And he’s way jazzed about peer production.

So in our neverending attempt to please the dude who pays our salaries (or would, if there were salaries to be paid for this gig), we are proud to inform you that THE DOCTOR PUPPET: Episode 4, “Smoke and Mirrors” will be on the interwebs Monday, August 5th as part of YouTube’s Geek Week.

According to the Doctor Puppet’s creator, Alisa Stern, the ep will go live at 8 am GMT. So all you guys have to do is figure out what that means in, um, American time or UK time, or wherever you are and, you know, click.

This has been a public service message for LB, our BL. And, yeppers, y’all too.

We're looking forward to your comments!

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