DOCTOR WHO’s John Barrowman has this great idea

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Just like everybody else, actors have ideas. And just like everybody else’s ideas, some of them are good. What separates actors from writers, though, is that we actually turn those ideas into stories and write them down for others to read/see/hear.

We’d love to turn this into one of those stories. Or even sit and watch as the idea’s source, John Barrowman AKA Captain Jack of DOCTOR WHO and TORCHWOOD fame, wrote his way into television history.


Barrowman talks Jack & River Spin-off

John Barrowman has been speaking once more about his ideas for a new potential Doctor Who spin-off featuring Captain Jack and River Song.

In an interview with TVaddict, he shared some thoughts on how the show might work: “I’d like to see the two of them prior to their lives crossing in some time realm where they actually meet up without the Doctors or anything like that and they are rogue heroes. Kind of like what Star Trek did in the very beginning, going around and saving civilisations without trying to get too involved, but they always get involved! They always do the wrong thing but for the right reasons and succeed.”

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