Extreme Peer Production


One of our favorite peer productions is INSPECTOR SPACETIME NOT INSPECTOR SPACETIME UNTITLED WEBSERIES ABOUT A SPACE TRAVELER whatever, Travis Richey’s terrific web series which began its life as a a show-within-a-show on COMMUNITY.

Turns out we at TVWriter™ aren’t the only ones who’ve fallen in love with the charm and execution of this diamond. Turns out Trav’s got fans all over the place.  Lovers of “Inspectrum” are all over the place, from Tumblr to, well, to the Inspector SpaceTime Wiki. For a good time, check out these droll, deadpan masterpieces.





(NOT?) INSPECTOR SPACETIME Takes it to a Whole Nuther Level

Travis Richey just keeps outdoing himself when it comes to “A Space Traveler Who…?”  We mean Not Inspector Spacetime…. We mean Inspector Spacetime…

Well, whatever the fuck this very cool web series and its hero are called, here’s the latest scoop:

1010842_639656089379190_1817108551_nOriginal Comic Art for Kickstarter Backers! by Travis Richey

Greetings, Inspectators!

I really should be used to getting my mind blown by Inspector Spacetime fans, but this one really, really stands apart. DC and Marvel Comics artist Christopher Jones (Young Justice, Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes) approached me wanting to help out with the Season 2 Kickstarter and we came up with the idea for a Comic Book cover of the Inspector Spacetime comic book. Christopher just sent me the final version, and here it is:


I mean, right?? This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen! And this print is available to donors of the Season 2 Kickstarter campaign in 2 different ways: An 8.5×11 version at the $50 level, and an 11×17 version at the $250 level, which will also include 4 other Inspector Spacetime posters!

Plus, Christopher is going to personally autograph each one!! How cool is that?? Please donate now!!


Wait! There’s more!

Last night we were completely surprised to find out via Twitter that LA Weekly, the source for what’s hip, hot and happening in the City of Angels, had nominated our little show for BEST COMEDY WEB SERIES!!

Now they took care of the nominating, but we need YOU to vote!! Whether we win this or not, like every other aspect of this show, depends entirely on you! Voting is super fast and easy, DO IT NOW!

Thank you for your support!


Um, not to sound too ignorant, but we have a question: Is there an Inspector Spacetime/Not Inspector Spacetime/A Space Traveler Who… comic book in the works?

We really think there should be. Tell us, oh mighty one (yeah, that’s you, Travis), what we can do to help make that so.

And, of course, there’s something else we believe should be made so. The second series about THE UNTITLED WEB SERIES ABOUT…aw, you know what we mean. Click on the image on the right and contribute so you can get a cool comic book cover!

Or you can CLICK HERE!

TVWriter™ Has a Copy of the New NOT INSPECTOR SPACETIME Theme Song

…And you don’t. Because we tossed something into the show’s Kickstarter hopper awhile back and you didn’t.

somenot inspectorpsacetime stuffCapture

Oh look! While we were writing this – for reals – we also got the original sound effects for the BOOTH and the Optic Pocketknife by Michael Kammes. Listening to ’em with great pleasure now, as we type.

And that could be what we love most about Kickstarter.Com. It gives us eternal “Nonny, nonny, nonny!” rights on projects we think are really cool.

Yeah, this is a plug for Kickstarter. And Travis Richey. Deal with it.


Travis Richey: On Success, WonderCon & Building a Time Machine

Inspector WonderCon Panel

Latest News about the
Untitled Web Series About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time
by Travis Richey

Greetings, Inspectators!

It’s been a while since the last newsletter, and SO much has been happening! Not leaving a lot of time for newsletter-writing, but it’s very important to me to keep you in the loop about what we’re doing on this end, since so many of you made it possible at all.

We have HUGE casting news to announce, and I’ll probably be sending out an announcement on that on Monday (as always, keep an eye on the Facebook page to find out the news first), but I wanted to tell you all about some awesome recent events…



Last month, we ran a VERY short, 3 week campaign to fund the Prequel Episode of Season 2! Our goal was $10,000, and we raised over $12,000! (minus Kickstarter fees and donations that didn’t go through – no one ever talks about those…)

To be totally honest, I was very worried about this campaign. Even though we raised $25,000 for Season 1, this was different:

Season 1 had a whole lot of buzz behind it. This time, we were counting entirely on fan support. News outlets tend not to cover the second season of a web show.

Season 1 budget: $22,500 for 19 minutes of completed content. Season 2 Prequel: $10,000 for about 6-7 minutes. So even though our goal was less, it was only for one episode, and I didn’t know how fans would react to that.

We are hard at work on pre-production. We’ve got a lot we’re trying to do with this one episode (and it’s budget):

Introduce the audience to Season 2 Nick Acosta’s new style

  • Build a custom BOOTH that can be disassembled for transport, storage, and for filming needs
  • Build a custom phone Console by Optic Pocketknife creator Brian Uiga.
  • Plan some VERY experimental camera work for the first scene in the Prequel.
  • Land a celebrity cameo. (Much easier said than done!)
  • Pics of the entire process, including the BOOTH and Console construction, are going up on the Facebook page!

Inspector at WonderCon


The cast and crew were invited to have a panel at WonderCon 2013 in Anaheim, CA a couple weeks ago, as well as a table on the convention floor! The panel went great, though after the 2-hour extravaganza at Gallifrey One, this one felt a little rushed!

Also, even though we were all the way at the back of the convention hall, we met tons of fans and chatted almost non-stop with people who were excited about Inspector Spacetime. We’ll be posting pics from WonderCon soon to our Facebook page.

We learned a valuable lesson, though. Even though we had a bunch of props from the show, costumes (“classic” and current 11th Inspector!), posters and more, our table was not nearly as interesting as some (most) of the other booths on the convention floor. We realized that if we’re going to start doing more conventions, we need to get some banners made, and maybe have something amazing that will draw people in.

Like maybe a full-size red British Telephone Booth, complete with sentient time-travel console?! Yeah. That’s happening:



When we rented a British phone booth from a prop house in LA for Season 1, it ended up costing us around $2200. For the prequel, when we knew we were going to see the BOOTH again, and even shoot inside of it, so we figured we could make a booth for around the same price, while also customizing it for our needs. We wanted to do things like:

  • Have it come apart, so we could shoot inside the BOOTH easier (which also has the added benefit of being more easily transportable and easier to store.
  • Include built-in lighting, for the “telephone” panels as well as the inner ceiling
  • Be able to mount the console, while hide any wiring to control it

Well, I got a referral from a friend to one John Shearer, an experienced set-bulider and the force behind some of the most elaborate costumes I’ve seen at the West Hollywood Halloween Festival. I met with John and discussed the building of the BOOTH, and he was right on board. John is constructing the BOOTH right now,and we are posting pictures of the progress on our Facebook page. It’s very, very neat!



We’ve got a whole lot of exciting news to tell you about, including:

  • The Inspector at WONDERCON!
  • Season 2 guest stars
  • Optic Pocketknife replicas and other toy plans
  • Untitled Comic Book About A Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time
  • Brian Giovanni’s brilliant soundtrack in CD form
  • Creating the BOOTH console with Brian Uiga
  • Wikipedia!
  • Upcoming Events and Appearances!
  • Non-Inspector shoots
  • Signing with a YouTube Network
  • Untitled Radio Show…??
  • One of our main crew is having a baby!

In the meantime,

Check out all things Inspector here: TheInspector.TV

And join us on Facebook for the latest news, giveaways, and TONS of behind-the-scenes content!

Thank you so much for your passionate support,

Travis Richey
The Inspector

Youtube Channel Change!

For reasons that are good and cool and not at all annoying, we’re changing channels on Youtube! Subscribe now to the “TravisRichey” channel as we start to roll out new content in just a few weeks!!

Back to the Future!

We here at Siv-Art Productions are huge fans of this classic film, so we decided to make a shot-for-shot remake of the teaser trailer for BTTF featuring The Inspector and his BOOTH!

Our 2 Favorite Space-Time Travelers – Together!

Well, for one brief, shining moment anyway:

Doctor Who meets Not Inspector Spacetime

Yeppers, it’s DOCTOR WHO’s Doctor and NOT INSPECTOR SPACETIME’s Not Inspector Spacetime, making each other’s acquaintance at last.

Found on Tumblr by one of TVWriter™’s favorite minions, good ole Minion 42.

And, speaking of Not Inspector Spacetime, creator Travis Richey contacted us awhile ago to clear up some intellectual property rights questions about his show, which,even though it’s no longer part of COMMUNITY (quick quiz: What do Dan Harmon and the Inspector have in common?) can be found alive and well HERE.

Inasmuch as we figure that our visitors are as into all things having to do with creating/writing television as we are, here’s what Trav had to say:

As to the comment you received…, the copyright concerns boil down to the fact that community created exactly 4 things: The title “Inspector Spacetime”, the look of the character, Constable Reggie, and Blorgons.

We had already decided not to use Constable Reggie once we knew we’d have to make the series ourselves, and Blorgons were traded out for a fan-created menace in the form of Circuit Chaps. The simple fact of the matter is that I did not want to fight with one of my favorite shows. So we decided NOT to use the title “Inspector Spacetime” (even though you can’t actually copyright a title), and we changed the look of the character (even though a trench coat would be called scenes a faire in a copyright context – same with the BOOTH)

Everything else in the web series is the complete invention of myself and my writing partner and the fans. So we are pretty much completely free, legally-speaking, to create whatever we like.

I didn’t work out any deal with NBC or Sony. All I ever got was one phone call after i wrote a letter to a lawyer at Sony (it’s on the Facebook page if you want to read it)….

Though I must say, I’d LOVE if they came to me and wanted us to make official Inspector Spacetime episodes. I think the internet would explode a little. They could even have Season 1. All they’d need to do would be to create a new opening title sequence.


And there you have it, an Official TVWriter™ Exclusive about one of our Fanboy Obsessions. (And, you, Trav, have our biggest aplogies for taking so bloody long to get this article up. Everything was going along great till these weird dalek-blorgon thingies attacked and then…)