Have You Been to the Web Series Channel?

Web Series Capture

Yeppers, it’s an interweb site that’s just what its name says – a place to see some of the best peer produced series indie TV has to offer.

Also some of the not-so-best, but, hey, that’s what makes horse races, right? Besides, which, our tastes do tend to vary. Shows we at TVWriter™ love may not sit so well with some of our visitors and vice versa. read article

Peer Production: MONSIEUR COK

monsieur cok

Looks like the French just rose to the top of the interweb video artistic heap:

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Peer Production: STORMJUMPER


What’s more like the classic fantasy/s-f comic mag Heavy Metal than Heavy Metal itself? This short video, that’s what. This trip is just plain cool:

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Click on the pic to go to Pathetically Cheap Adventures. Oh, okay, you can click HERE too.

“The only thing tighter than the leotard was the budget.”

We have no idea what this site is really selling but enjoyed everything we saw there and have a feeling that a lot of you will too.

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Peer Production: JUSTE DE L’EAU


Nice still, huh? You ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. JUSTE DE L’EAU is, to us, nothing less than beautifully inscrutable.

Hint for those looking for meaning: Ever get that feeling that you’re alone, oh-so-alone, even when you’re in a crowd? (Or, if you’re like most writers we know, especially when you’re in a crowd?) read article