(NOT?) INSPECTOR SPACETIME Takes it to a Whole Nuther Level

Travis Richey just keeps outdoing himself when it comes to “A Space Traveler Who…?”  We mean Not Inspector Spacetime…. We mean Inspector Spacetime…

Well, whatever the fuck this very cool web series and its hero are called, here’s the latest scoop:

1010842_639656089379190_1817108551_nOriginal Comic Art for Kickstarter Backers! by Travis Richey

Greetings, Inspectators!

I really should be used to getting my mind blown by Inspector Spacetime fans, but this one really, really stands apart. DC and Marvel Comics artist Christopher Jones (Young Justice, Avengers Earth’s Mightiest Heroes) approached me wanting to help out with the Season 2 Kickstarter and we came up with the idea for a Comic Book cover of the Inspector Spacetime comic book. Christopher just sent me the final version, and here it is:


I mean, right?? This is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen! And this print is available to donors of the Season 2 Kickstarter campaign in 2 different ways: An 8.5×11 version at the $50 level, and an 11×17 version at the $250 level, which will also include 4 other Inspector Spacetime posters!

Plus, Christopher is going to personally autograph each one!! How cool is that?? Please donate now!!


Wait! There’s more!

Last night we were completely surprised to find out via Twitter that LA Weekly, the source for what’s hip, hot and happening in the City of Angels, had nominated our little show for BEST COMEDY WEB SERIES!!

Now they took care of the nominating, but we need YOU to vote!! Whether we win this or not, like every other aspect of this show, depends entirely on you! Voting is super fast and easy, DO IT NOW!

Thank you for your support!


Um, not to sound too ignorant, but we have a question: Is there an Inspector Spacetime/Not Inspector Spacetime/A Space Traveler Who… comic book in the works?

We really think there should be. Tell us, oh mighty one (yeah, that’s you, Travis), what we can do to help make that so.

And, of course, there’s something else we believe should be made so. The second series about THE UNTITLED WEB SERIES ABOUT…aw, you know what we mean. Click on the image on the right and contribute so you can get a cool comic book cover!

Or you can CLICK HERE!