Angelo Bell: For the Love of English

NOTE FROM LB: Angelo Bell is an indie filmmaker who in the past has contributed several articles to this site. (Past being mostly in 2014. If you’re in the mood and you have time, you should enjoy what you read by searching in the index on the righthand side of this page.

The other day, Angelo wrote me about a GoFundMe campaign he’d started and described the love story that inspired it. I thought he was telling me about his latest project, and I found the story deeply moving, so I said, “Hey, Angelo, write this up for TVWriter™ and we’ll post it and see if we can help you find some investors.”

A few minutes ago, he sent me the post below.  Turns out he’s not trying to get a film going. It’s a real-life story about, well, about a couple he’s half of. This isn’t the kind of thing we’d normally publish here, but it’s wonderfully written and I’m hooked. read article

Screenwriting: Don’t Fight The Feeling

Angelo_Bell_films_Captureby Angelo J. Bell

While testing a new registration service, WriteVault, by Stacy Porter and friends, I inadvertently repurposed my logline, going back in time to the BIG idea I had many moons ago in 2010. Back then, I wanted to write something fun, provocative (taking on the drug industry), sexy (gals with guns) and visually stunning — yeah, kick ass CG for everyone!

But as time progressed, and many rewrites were done to conform to what the industry said it was looking for, I felt as if I’d exorcised the life from the project. read article

Angelo Bell: The Chasm Between Professionalism and Ego

Or, to quote an assistant LB once worked with: “We’re all aspiring to be assholes.”


ego_black-2 read article

Angelo Bell: How to conduct proper research for your indie film

Good tips from a good guy:


by Angelo Bell

The trouble with showbiz research is… everyone tosses around that word, “research” but many don’t tell you where to go to conduct that research. Too often I go to websites or read books that say stuff like this: read article

Angelo Bell: The Original Ride or Die Chick

Harriet Tubman- ride or die

by Angelo Bell

Harriet Tubman, the original “ride or die” chick, coming to a low-budget film screening near you. Boom!

Harriet is the star of my next micro-budget script read article