Angelo Bell: The Original Ride or Die Chick

Harriet Tubman- ride or die

by Angelo Bell

Harriet Tubman, the original “ride or die” chick, coming to a low-budget film screening near you. Boom!

Harriet is the star of my next micro-budget script

As a screenwriter, the here and now is very important. You have to finish what you started. You must complete the tasks given to you. Deadlines must be met. But the future is equally important. the question, “What else are you working on?” comes to mind.

I try to look ahead to what my next screenwriting projects might be. I have a ton of project concepts that have been developed over the course of  the last two years. Should I write a thriller? Another tentpole project? An action joint? Most importantly is what script will be the best use of my time considering the state of the industry.

So why Harriet Tubman? There’s been some recent controversy over the actresses chosen by “Hollywood” to play the African-American abolitionist, humanitarian, and Union spy during the American Civil War. Harriet was a dark-skinned woman, yet Hollywood decision-makers have consistently chosen lighter-skinned African-American women to play the role. These actions tend to solidify the pervasive feelings within the African-American community that “Hollywood only tolerated Blacks who are lighter skinned.”  In the absurd film, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, the woman chosen to play Harriet Tubman has a notably lighter complexion than any known photograph of the actual woman. But that’s not why I chose Harriet Tubman as the center of my next low-budget project.

Actually, in discussing a possible storyline I came up with a brilliant connection to the film, “Glory,” an ugly piece of American history and a piece of Canadian history that isn’t often told. And, in true indie fashion, this film can be told in micro-budget fashion at a low six-figure budget.

So, that’s my new project: a low-budget alternate history tale of Harriet Tubman. Oh, and she kicks ass too.