Screenwriting: Don’t Fight The Feeling

Angelo_Bell_films_Captureby Angelo J. Bell

While testing a new registration service, WriteVault, by Stacy Porter and friends, I inadvertently repurposed my logline, going back in time to the BIG idea I had many moons ago in 2010. Back then, I wanted to write something fun, provocative (taking on the drug industry), sexy (gals with guns) and visually stunning — yeah, kick ass CG for everyone!

But as time progressed, and many rewrites were done to conform to what the industry said it was looking for, I felt as if I’d exorcised the life from the project.

But now, having to write that pain-in-the-ass “summary” as required by many online script services, I felt transported. Loglines are a bitch to write. Great loglines are even greater bitches. However, when you cook down your story to the most basic idea, the BIG IDEA often comes flooding back.That idea, is the very essence of why you starting writing the screenplay in the first place. That idea is the thing the compelled you to write your script in only three days. That idea is the little engine that could, carrying you as you worked your 9-to-5 and chugged away, writing only 500-words a day until your 115-page script was complete.


Why fight it? Write what you LOVE to write.  Who cares what others think!  I can write drama and comedy.  I can do an “indie” story too — but I like writing tentpole movies.  Scalable, yes, but still tentpole.

So I went back to the core of a script that was once called Demigod, then it became Medicated for Murder (too Agatha Christie-sounding) and now it’s simply called…BIG BAD WOLFE.

Don’t fight the feeling. Write what YOU love. It shows in the story and the characters.