LEGALLY BLONDE Writers Discuss Their Creative Process

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Back in 1991, our Beloved Leader Larry Brody decided he’d had it with showbiz and drastically changed his life, packing up the belongings that meant the most to him – um, that would be cowboy boots, his Ludwig drum kit, his comic book collection, and his best friend, The Navajo Dog – threw everything into a teeny little Mitsubishi 4×4 and headed for, New Mexico to, well, to live with Indians, actually.

Even while residing on the Santa Clara Pueblo, just north of Santa Fe, LB couldn’t quite call it quits and ended up teaching screen and TV writing and production at The College of Santa Fe. After a few years, to the joy of fans everywhere (and the dismay of executives everywhere also), a more enlightened and relaxed LB (we think it was the ‘shrooms) came back to L.A. and set about revolutionizing Saturday morning animation with shows like THE SILVER SURFER. read article

Writing Advice from Felicia Day

…On video of course cuz…actress:

EDITED BY MUNCHMAN TO ADD: Okay, I admit it. I’m absolutely gaga about any video that has as part of its subtitle/description the words “loose…anal…” in fairly close proximity. Sorry ’bout dat. Loose…anal…hehehehe…. read article

Keep Other People’s Opinions Out Of Your Creative Process

A stirring call to arms (seriously) for artists by Jonathan Adler:

Thanks you, Vimeo! read article

Shows Some Unnamed Writer on HuffPo Won’t Watch Anymore

We’re not upset about the opinions voiced by the writer in the following article, but it does piss us off that s/he isn’t credited. (Especially since rumor has it that HuffPo doesn’t even pay.)

Is ‘Revenge’ Season 2 Bad? See The 7 Shows We’re Quitting This Season

Has “Revenge” Season 2 taken a turn for the worse? Is “Glee” still worth watching for more than just the music? Did “Boardwalk Empire” lose its way? read article

Writers are Faking Reviews on Amazon.Com? Really?

What’s This World Coming to? Dept:

RJ Ellory, Author, Caught Writing Fake Amazon Reviews For Books read article