LEGALLY BLONDE Writers Discuss Their Creative Process

ALO-024273Kirsten Smith & Karen McCullah

Back in 1991, our Beloved Leader Larry Brody decided he’d had it with showbiz and drastically changed his life, packing up the belongings that meant the most to him – um, that would be cowboy boots, his Ludwig drum kit, his comic book collection, and his best friend, The Navajo Dog – threw everything into a teeny little Mitsubishi 4×4 and headed for, New Mexico to, well, to live with Indians, actually.

Even while residing on the Santa Clara Pueblo, just north of Santa Fe, LB couldn’t quite call it quits and ended up teaching screen and TV writing and production at The College of Santa Fe. After a few years, to the joy of fans everywhere (and the dismay of executives everywhere also), a more enlightened and relaxed LB (we think it was the ‘shrooms) came back to L.A. and set about revolutionizing Saturday morning animation with shows like THE SILVER SURFER.

One of the highlights of our Boss’s college teaching career was his first class, which included one Karen McCullah, who partnered up with LB for awhile (professionally, we mean), and helped him develop the series of seminars and workshops that later evolved into this site and its classes. Since then, Karen’s come a long way, having co-written (with Kirsten Smith) such films as 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU, LEGALLY BLONDE, and THE HOUSE BUNNY, as well as the TV series GETTING PERSONAL and 10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU. (Yeppers, kids, that concept really had wings.)

Here, as part of a series of video interviews by the Motion Picture Academy, Karen and Kirsten talk about their writing…and their writing lives:

More neat stuff from the Academy

Writing Advice from Felicia Day

…On video of course cuz…actress:

EDITED BY MUNCHMAN TO ADD: Okay, I admit it. I’m absolutely gaga about any video that has as part of its subtitle/description the words “loose…anal…” in fairly close proximity. Sorry ’bout dat. Loose…anal…hehehehe….

Keep Other People’s Opinions Out Of Your Creative Process

A stirring call to arms (seriously) for artists by Jonathan Adler:

Thanks you, Vimeo!

About this presentation

Jonathan Adler is now synonymous with the irreverent designs — pottery, housewares, furniture and beyond — that he sells around the world, but it all started with a college professor who didn’t believe in him. After receiving discouraging feedback about his ambitions to be a potter, Adler wandered around New York City doing odd jobs that usually ended with him getting fired.

After some soul-searching, Adler returned to his true love, pottery, and learned the value of ignoring the expectations of others and following your dream. Here, he injects his trademark wit while sharing how he found his underlying message of “irreverent luxury” as his business evolved from pottery to pillows to rooms.
Adler preaches that we should keep other people’s opinions out of our creative process and attributes his success to his disdain of focus groups and feedback.

0:51 – “I’ve done everything ass-backwards in my life.”
1:21 – How he got his start. “I always wanted to be a potter”
2:29 – His first job at a talent agency. “I was absolutely unemployable”
4:08 – His start as a potter, and why he wanted to do it differently. “My greatest hope was that I could hawk my wares outside a rainsoaked craft fair”
5:45 – “I wanted to make pots that were groovy and graphic and spoke to my heart”
6:40 – Have a “F*** it” attitude. Follow your heart completely.
8:50 – Don’t just make a statement and refine it. Don’t be hemmed in by your “brand.”
9:47 – Making Pillows (and other well-crafted work).
11:13 – …and then he figured out his brand.
11:55 – Understand the underlining message of what you are trying to communicate throughout all of your work.
13:41 – Why not make rooms?
15:20 – “I loathe other people’s opinions and I hate focus groups.”
17:20 – The anti-focus group he uses to judge his work.

About Jonathan Adler

Seventeen years ago, a little-known potter named Jonathan Adler was thrilled to receive his first order from Barneys New York. He couldn’t have dreamed that today, in 2012, he would lead an international design company offering decorative accessories, tabletop collections, bedding, furniture, rugs, pillows, lighting, and fabrics, all featuring Jonathan’s signature Modernist forms, bold colors and groovy graphics. Jonathan is obsessed with creating beautiful design mixed with impeccable craftsmanship. His motto is “If your heirs won’t fight over it, we won’t make it.”

Shows Some Unnamed Writer on HuffPo Won’t Watch Anymore

We’re not upset about the opinions voiced by the writer in the following article, but it does piss us off that s/he isn’t credited. (Especially since rumor has it that HuffPo doesn’t even pay.)

Is ‘Revenge’ Season 2 Bad? See The 7 Shows We’re Quitting This Season

Has “Revenge” Season 2 taken a turn for the worse? Is “Glee” still worth watching for more than just the music? Did “Boardwalk Empire” lose its way?

With the new crop of shows garnering most of the attention at the start of the fall TV season, many of us have had to seriously consider which returning shows are still worth our time and the space on our DVRs.

We already noted that half of us at HuffPost TV are not feeling “New Girl” this season, but which other returning shows have we decided to quit?

Check out our selections in the slideshow below, and then tell us in the comments which shows you’re no longer feeling.

See the slideshow

Writers are Faking Reviews on Amazon.Com? Really?

What’s This World Coming to? Dept:

RJ Ellory, Author, Caught Writing Fake Amazon Reviews For Books

Bestselling, award-winning crime author R.J. Ellory has been caught faking Amazon reviews for both his own books and the books of his competitors.

Ellory was caught writing the fake Amazon reviews by fellow author Jeremy Duns, according to ABC News. Such an act is dubbed “sock-puppeting,” or writing anonymous online reviews praising one’s own work.

Gawker posted the complete Twitter thread written by Duns, via Storify, in which the author describes the posts Ellory wrote about his own works.

“Ellory writes 5-star reviews of his own work on Amazon. Long, purple tributes to his own magnificent genius,” Duns tweeted. “RJ Ellory also writes shoddy, sh—-y sniping reviews of others authors’ work on Amazon, under an assumed identity.”

Adding, “Prasing [sic] yourself is pathetic. Attacking other writers like this? I have no time for it, and have no time for anyone who defends it.”

Read it all

This doesn’t surprise us because we know several writers who have done the same thing – and proudly told people now at TVWriter™ about it (back before we were here). But it does fill us with disgust. The ultimate victory of marketing, this is, conquering ethics, morality, and truth.

Shame on you, dood. Shame on everybody who pulls this crap.

(Sorry, boss. We’ll go back to being funny – or trying to be funny – in our next post. But this really offends us.)