Shows Some Unnamed Writer on HuffPo Won’t Watch Anymore

We’re not upset about the opinions voiced by the writer in the following article, but it does piss us off that s/he isn’t credited. (Especially since rumor has it that HuffPo doesn’t even pay.)

Is ‘Revenge’ Season 2 Bad? See The 7 Shows We’re Quitting This Season

Has “Revenge” Season 2 taken a turn for the worse? Is “Glee” still worth watching for more than just the music? Did “Boardwalk Empire” lose its way?

With the new crop of shows garnering most of the attention at the start of the fall TV season, many of us have had to seriously consider which returning shows are still worth our time and the space on our DVRs.

We already noted that half of us at HuffPost TV are not feeling “New Girl” this season, but which other returning shows have we decided to quit?

Check out our selections in the slideshow below, and then tell us in the comments which shows you’re no longer feeling.

See the slideshow