LB: 3 Men Who Helped Make My Life What It is Today

hemsworth-lee-ferrigno-580x435by LB

From right to left:

  • Lew Ferrigno, who introduced me to the World’s Greatest Wife, Gwen the Beautiful
  • Stan Lee, who got me through some of the toughest years of both my personal and professional lives
  • Chris Hemsworth, who, well he’s fuckin’ Thor, you know? And I’ve seen him! And he’s real

Peer Production: What Would It Be Like If Batman Hung With The Avengers?

Tomorrow’s classic, today:

Written by Ben Joseph & Kevin Corrigan

Directed by Ben Joseph

THOR Film Review

by Larry Brody

Yes, I know. I’m late seeing this, but, thank the Great God Netflix, see it I did.

And I thought it was great.

Not as much action as Wheedon’s AVENGERS. Nor as much comedy, but to quote another classic, “What’s there is cherce.”

Anyone remember the advertising tag line from Christopher Reeve’s first SUPERMAN movie: “You’ll believe a man can fly.”

The recent crop of Marvel films makes me believe superheroes are real.

No kid – especially not this one, whose first comic book was the issue of the original All Star Comics where the Justice Society went into the future – could have asked for more.