If Sailor Moon Fought the Hulk

sailor moon fights the hulk

How many ’90s girls would’ve loved to see Sailor Moon kick the Hulk in the balls?

All of us, yeppers. read article

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Tomorrow’s classic, today:

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Here’s One For the King

by Larry Brody

Appropos of TV writing in absolutely no way, here’s a pic I found that I’d like to think even Jack (King) Kirby – as Stan Lee used to call him – would love:

Yes, the original Hulk was gray. And how I wish I still had that issue!

I want to attribute this properly, so if anyone reading this article knows the origin of this pic, let me know!

EDITED TO ADD: Aha! Found it. This pic is courtesy of Spectral Motion. These guys do amazing creatures. You’ve got to take a look at both their site and their Facebook Page. read article