Robin Reed: The Disney/Marvel Shows You Don’t Know About
Sorry, this isn’t the version of Devil Dinosaur you’ll see in the cartoons this article discusses. Aw…

by Robin Reed

While the Marvel movies and the upcoming “Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” show get the headlines, if you flip channels enough you will find that Disney has not wasted any opportunity to get a return on their investment in Marvel. These under-the-radar shows are animated and appear on Disney-owned cable channels. I knew about (and hate, for the cutesy comments by a cartoony Spidey) “Ultimate Spider-Man.”

I have also come across shows that are set in Japan and seem to be sub-contracted out to a Japanese animé studio. One featured Iron Man and another the X-Men. (I don’t know if Disney can use the X-Men in animation when another studio owns the movie rights. What the corporate relationships are behind the Japanese shows I couldn’t tell you.)

Yesterday, on an early Sunday morning cruise through the desolate wastes of cable TV, I stopped on a show I hadn’t seen before. “Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.” is the title. It has a fully talking and thinking Hulk teaming up with other iterations of himself, including Red Hulk, She-Hulk, and A-Bomb. A-Bomb, you say? It’s Rick Jones in blue armor. If you don’t know who Rick Jones is, I don’t have time to tell you.

The plot of the episode I saw takes the Hulks to the Savage Land, where they encounter Sauron (I always wondered how Marvel avoided trouble with the Tolkien estate), laser-toting pterodactyls, and, yes, Jack Kirby’s Devil Dinosaur.

This is all rather silly, but the reason I decided to hate the show is that once again, they went cutesy. At random moments they do the reality show interview thing, cutting to a character sitting down and taking about the events happening in the story. This is stupid enough in so-called reality shows, but does nothing for an adventure show with a plot.

Maybe kids expect it in every show now. It is proof of the unreality of reality shows. If you know anything about TV production, you know that the interview segments are done later, and the people are told what moment to comment on, and probably told what to say. They also have to pretend they don’t know what is going to happen next, even though it happened in their past.

So my review of “Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.” is that Marvel Maniacs like me may like seeing forgotten characters mentioned, but will also object to Hulk being completely rational and the plot being entirely ridiculous.

Or, in other words, as Mel Brooks might say, “Oy vey!!!”

The Adventures of Jack Kirby & Ed Wood

Not a true life adventure! Totally made up! But a real video that will make any fanboy squee!

‘The King & The Worst’ – by TeamTVWriter Press Service

One of our minions sent us the URL to this astounding work. How he found it, we don’t know. Here’s what the YouTube entry has to say:

During the Second World War, terrible things happened but what was never known was that the fate of the world depended on two soldiers: «The king of comics», Jack Kirby and «The worst director ever» Ed Wood. Their mission was to embrace their unusual fate. Bats, dead nazies, evil beings and a strange mentor will change their lives, but not in this world, it will all be on the other side of the mirror.

Directed and written by David Galán Galindo
Cast: Pilar Rubio, Pepe Macias, Luis Yagüe, Jose Benedicto, Jose Luis Chavarria, Verónica Bagdasarian
Producer: Pilar Iglesias
Edited: Ignacio Yrizar
Sound: Carlos Heras
Music: Arnau Bataller
Sound postproduction: Carlos Heras y Miguel Martín
Postproducton: Fernando Marcilla & Moisés Cambra

What’s that? You’re wondering about the names? Yes, they’re Spanish…and the video’s in Spanish too, with English subtitles to increase the weird, alien, WTF? factor. Try it and we’re sure you’ll agree with the only English comment on YouTube: “just awesome.”

Image from the Kirby Museum; Not even the evil mages know from whence it came

EDITED TO ADD: We’re kind of stoked by the fact that David Galán Galindo, the writer-director of this short, has posted an interesting and edifying comment that you can read for yourselves below.

EDITED AGAIN TO ADD: We’ve seen several of David’s videos, and they’re not only funny, they’re professional as hell. You can see them too.

Here’s One For the King

by Larry Brody

Appropos of TV writing in absolutely no way, here’s a pic I found that I’d like to think even Jack (King) Kirby – as Stan Lee used to call him – would love:

Yes, the original Hulk was gray. And how I wish I still had that issue!

I want to attribute this properly, so if anyone reading this article knows the origin of this pic, let me know!

EDITED TO ADD: Aha! Found it. This pic is courtesy of Spectral Motion. These guys do amazing creatures. You’ve got to take a look at both their site and their Facebook Page.