The Adventures of Jack Kirby & Ed Wood

Not a true life adventure! Totally made up! But a real video that will make any fanboy squee!

‘The King & The Worst’ – by TeamTVWriter Press Service

One of our minions sent us the URL to this astounding work. How he found it, we don’t know. Here’s what the YouTube entry has to say:

During the Second World War, terrible things happened but what was never known was that the fate of the world depended on two soldiers: «The king of comics», Jack Kirby and «The worst director ever» Ed Wood. Their mission was to embrace their unusual fate. Bats, dead nazies, evil beings and a strange mentor will change their lives, but not in this world, it will all be on the other side of the mirror.

Directed and written by David Galán Galindo
Cast: Pilar Rubio, Pepe Macias, Luis Yagüe, Jose Benedicto, Jose Luis Chavarria, Verónica Bagdasarian
Producer: Pilar Iglesias
Edited: Ignacio Yrizar
Sound: Carlos Heras
Music: Arnau Bataller
Sound postproduction: Carlos Heras y Miguel Martín
Postproducton: Fernando Marcilla & Moisés Cambra

What’s that? You’re wondering about the names? Yes, they’re Spanish…and the video’s in Spanish too, with English subtitles to increase the weird, alien, WTF? factor. Try it and we’re sure you’ll agree with the only English comment on YouTube: “just awesome.”

Image from the Kirby Museum; Not even the evil mages know from whence it came

EDITED TO ADD: We’re kind of stoked by the fact that David Galán Galindo, the writer-director of this short, has posted an interesting and edifying comment that you can read for yourselves below.

EDITED AGAIN TO ADD: We’ve seen several of David’s videos, and they’re not only funny, they’re professional as hell. You can see them too.