LB: THE WALKING DEAD Welcome(s) Curtis Gwinn

And now a few words from TVWriter™ hero – and former Advanced Workshop student – Curtis J. Gwinn:

Curtis Gwinn at Comic Con

From Curtis’ FB Page read article

munchman: WTF? Turns Out AMC Didn’t Shitcan THE WALKING DEAD Showrunner Glen Mazerra After All

…It was really all the fault of The Walking Dead comic book creator Robert Kirkman. What an a-hole!


Here’s what The Hollywood Reporter has to say, and we know this showbiz Bible would never lead us astray: read article

“Television used to suck.”—Frank Darabont

A reminder of things past…and how much like the present they really are…courtesy of Screenwriting from Iowa:


“I was reminded of how badly television used to suck. And you will be reminded if you go buy like a DVD set of any show that was popular prior to, I don’t know 1990-something. And you take your favorite show from the 80s—I promise you it sucks. They’re simpleminded, they’re stupid, television used to be a wasteland. It started to change in some measure with Hill Street Blues, and then suddenly television started getting smarter and movies started getting dumber. And suddenly there were these men who drive Maseratis, and wear Gucci loafers to their offices who realized they could spend 200 million dollars making one movie that has not one thought in it, and nothing for an actor to do, but lots of special effects, and they can make a billion dollars. Interesting thing that’s happened in our business is that the middle class has disappeared. It’s like the middle class in society has disappeared. The middle-class of movies have disappeared. read article

Kathy Fuller: Fictional Realism Required?

So even though I refuse to watch the Walking Dead, I saw this on Pinterest today:

which spawned a little nine comment discussion on realism v. escapism. Your mission as a writer is to make your made-up story as “real” as possible. Some people, including a few folks on Pinterest, don’t think that’s necessary, while others get highly annoyed when something implausible occurs and takes them out of their suspended reality. This basically happens all the time in the action genre: the bad guys can’t shoot the broad side of a barn while the main character is always dead on accurate, for example. That’s become an action staple, so no one questions that leap in logic anymore. read article


And explains why she’s not gonna watch either of them again.

For your viewing pleasure.

My #2 and #3 shows, Supernatural and Criminal Minds, are getting long in the tooth (and short on fresh ideas), thus I’m compelled to find a couple more shows to latch onto while these take a nosedive wind down their last seasons. My #1 show, Sherlock, isn’t coming back until next year. I’ve got to find my TV crack somewhere. So I decided to try two of the hottest shows around, Walking Dead and Homeland. Guess what? I’m still looking.

First, WD. Not much to say here, considering I couldn’t get through the first episode. I did learn that I don’t like zombies, and this show is too gooey for me. I’ve already been called on the irony that I’ll watch Criminal Minds (creepy in it’s own right) like it’s my job, but not WD. I can’t explain it, other than if the BAU starts dealing with the zombie apocalypse, I’ll bow out. My daughter, who watches WD like it’s her job, recommended I read the books. I think I’ll heed her advice. read article