Peer Production: STANLEY PICKLE


This short (well, 11 minutes is still short, just not short enough for our personal attention span) by Vicky Mather is being touted as the world’s first live-action stop-motion film.

By definition, then, it’s daring and innovative, and our viewing experience has been a lotta fun. We hope you’ll all watch for two reasons:

  1. We think you’ll like this
  2. We hope that, afterward, you’ll tell us why (as in, why do a live-action stop-motion film?)

Peer Production: Christmas Joy from the Doctor Puppet’s Charming Video Special


The Doctor Puppet has had a special place in our hearts since we first discovered him. Now, his creator, Alisa, has confirmed her brilliance with this Christmas gift to all of the Puppet’s fans:

And here’s the Doctor Puppet’s Christmas message:

“How the Doctor Puppet Saved Christmas”

It’s finally here! This stop motion Christmas special is a true labor of love made in Alisa’s tiny Brooklyn apartment during her free time. She wants you all to know that she wrote the script and made the snowman puppet weeks before the BBC announced that the official Christmas special would be called “The Snowmen.” She swears that no real TARDIS was used during production.

We hope you enjoy it. Happy Wholidays!

An Unauthorized, Way Cool Stop-Motion Batman Video

“Batman: Dark Knightfall” is a Batman fan made stop-motion animation directed by Derek Kwok and Henri Wong of Parabucks Co. using Batman action figures made and sold by Hot Toys.

We’ve loved stop-motion ever since do we really have to say? okay, okay the GUMBY reruns of our childhood. This, though, is better than GUMBY – much.

And the toys are kinda better than the crap cheapo Gumby toys too. (Are Gumby toys even made anymore? Can we be sued?)