WGA vs. Talent Agents – The WGA-Agencies Dispute & WGA election

A few words from one of television’s – and the interweb’s – best writers.

Ken Levine of Cheers, M*A*S*H, Frasier, Ken Levine’s Blog, etc., etc.,etc. had the War Between The Writers Guild of America & The Association of Talent Agents on his mind over the weekend, especially in terms of how it impacts the current WGA Board of Directors election campaign.

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Fox Network To Try Something *New*…If They Can Make Themselves Go Thru With It

Or, as Ken Levine puts it:

Fox announces “ShortComs”
by Ken Levine

Fox has announced an experimental series for the summer called “Shortcoms.” These will be hour shows split into four segments. Each segment will be a multi-camera sitcom starring and written by a stand-up comic. Fox claims they will give the comics great freedom.

First off, I applaud any attempt to do comedy, especially an innovative one. read article

Writers Wanted Dept: Comedy Writers for Siri

As usual, Ken Levine tells the story best:

by Ken Levine 

Apparently this is real. According to an article in MacRumors, Apple is looking for people to write comedic answers for Siri. Siri is the personal assistant feature that talks back to you in newer iPhones. At first she was friendly and humble, but Apple is now looking to give her a little edge.

You know what this means, don’t you? It means that now even Dane Cook’s phone will be funnier than he is. read article

Ken Levine Asks: What comedy spec to write in 2013?

Is Ken Levine comedy writing’s Larry Brody? What would either of them think if they were asked?

Oh dear. If we had to ask that second question, that means we’re worried that the answer wouldn’t go down well. And if we’re worried about it, then it probably won’t. So forget we said anything. No comparisons from here, no sir. Just, you know, read:

by Ken Levine

Here’s a question I get (and am happy to answer) every year. read article

Ken Levine Sees LIZ AND DICK

…So we, thank God, don’t have to:

#LizAndDick: My review – by Ken Levine

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