Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 5/4/14

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
by munchman

  • David Franzoni (GLADIATOR) is developing the Fox mini series NAZARETH, about a certain son of God’s childhood back in the day after being abandoned by his oversexed daddy. (Well, hell, that’s how Yer Malevolent Munchy Man would write it, and I like to think that my head’s in the same place as biggies like David. So….)
  • Felicia Day & Bryan Singer (if you don’t know these two there’s no point in reading this item anyway) are developing a new web series for Felicia’s Geek & Sundry YouTube channel. (Unless Mr. Singer’s recent legal problems screw this up. What legal problems? Ooh, don’t ask. But they’re salacious as all get out, so who could ask for anything more?)
  • John Stephens (GOSSIP GIRL) has a new overall deal at Warner Brothers TV. (And his heading straight to GOTHAM as a writer-producer cuz idiot soap operas are of course the best training ground for stories about Batman when he was just a wee lad.)
  • Cary Fukunaga (TRUE DETECTIVE) is adapting Tom Reiss’ Pulitzer Prize winning biography, Black Count as a major feature film. (So why are we mentioning it here? Cuz…TRUE DETECTIVE. That’s right, kids. Mobility is everything. A big TV series hit will give you a feature film career – and vice versa. Here’s hoping that Cary comes back to his senses…and TV!)

Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 4/17/14

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
by munchman

  • Felicia Day (the Queen of Interweb Series) is developing a paranormal type thriller series for Hulu with Bryan Singer. (And since Yer Friendly Neighborhood munchman is a huge fan of Felicia’s, the fact that I don’t trust anything with Bryan Singer’s name on it isn’t gonna stop me from watching.)
  • Frank Spotnitz (TRANSPORTER: THE SERIES) has a new overall deal with Tandem Productions for the usual development stuff. (Anyone notice how much better a writer-producer Frank has become since moving his business to London. Guess he’s just gotta work a lot harder now to pay all those Brit taxes. Whatever it is, it’s a positive for viewers everywhere.)
  • Jeremy Dorner (THE KILLING) is developing RADIANT DOORS, based on Michael Swanwick’s short story, for WGN America. (Another “dystopian drama! Wowser, the munchie one can hardly wait – cuz fake dystopias are oh-so-much more fun than the real one we now live in.)
  • Christian Taylor (TEEN WOLF) is the new showrunner of the upcoming MTV “cyber thriller,” EYE CANDY, based on a book by the ever-popular R.L.Stine. (Watch out, fans. This is a complete retooling of the original pilot, which can mean only one thing: The powers-that-be don’t get whatever there is to be gotten from the original series of books featuring the character Victoria Justice.)

Interweb Series THE GUILD & Its Creator Felicia Day Return for Series 6

Crushin’ on Felicia Day. What do we do about it? What can we do?

Felicia Day Talks the New Season of Her Hit Web Series ‘The Guild’ and the Hazards of Being a ‘Girl Gamer’ – by Robert Echevarria

If you get on the internet for anything other than email, you would be hard-pressed not have heard of Felicia Day. An actress seen on shows such as “Eureka,” “Supernatural” and “House,” Day is the multifaceted creator, writer, producer and star [as Guild Priestess Codex] of the smash-hit web series, “The Guild.” Achieving longterm success in an online medium known for its short attention span is no small feat, but “The Guild,” which is centered around the lives of a group of gamers involved in an MMORPG, is moving into its sixth season, which premieres on Day’s YouTube channel Geek & Sundry on October 2nd. This level of success is no surprise when you look at the stats — “The Guild” has garnered over 69 million views and several awards, and has launched a handfull of music videos that have Day’s fangirls and -boys bubbling in a hormonal tizzy, which is ironic, because “sexy” isn’t a word that Day would use to describe herself.

“The Guild” is going into its sixth season, which is a great accomplishment considering the often ephemeral nature of the web.

A lot of work has gone into making the show, and for the first two years the show was funded by its fans through PayPal donations. And we have so many great and wonderful fans watching and supporting “The Guild,” plus subscribing to Geek & Sundry — without them, well…

It’s a great partnership you have with your fans. Do you have any season six details to share?

I can definitely say that Codex goes into a new world. She starts working at “The Game,” as you saw from season five’s cliffhanger, and everything takes off from there, including Vork’s [played by Jeff Lewis] new relationship. And we might even go into “The Game” a little bit.

Even though “The Guild” is your baby, do you feel its popularity has typecast you as the “hot geeky girl”?

I definitely don’t think I’m ever thought of as “the hot girl.” I’d certainly say the quirky, shy girl is something I’ve been lucky to put on the forefront of everyone’s minds. I created “The Guild” because nobody was offering me the roles I thought I could do best at in Hollywood.

Read it all

PayPal donations, everybody, that’s the ticket!

Max Greenfield of NEW GIRL Has His Own Web Series

Writer! Director! Star! And all he had to do to make it on the interweb was star in a hit TV series. We love the web! And irony too!

Um…this isn’t exactly Felicia Day quality, is it? But we’ll keep sampling because what are fans for?

Felicia Day is TVWriter™’s Newest Hero

…A mutual friend says she, and, more specifically, her web series THE GUILD, inspired DR. HORRIBLE. This makes her a very, very, very important human being in the history of entertainment, does it not?

Of course it does.

Felicia created/wrote/produced/stars in the whole ongoing shmear. 35 episodes and counting. You can find all of them at her YouTube channel. And you definitely should.

Because even if Joss had never done his little YouTube piece, this series, about a young woman and her online friends who have no lives other than those they lead in a web role-playing game, is as funny and charming and sweet and even sometimes as sad as they come.