LB & munchman: Top 10 TV & Interweb Series of 2012

We think you’re gonna be surprised by these picks:

“Well written, amazingly produced, the best of indie TV.” LB
neil's puppet dreams the restaurant

“Limited resources. Unlimited Creativity. Take a bow, Felicia Day.” LB
felicia day the guild

“Wonderfully useless. Funny guys being as funny as they can be.” munchman
comedians in jerry seinfeld cars

“Batman without a costume & working for Alfred. What’s not to love?” munchman


“The King of Badass.” LB & munchman

Uh-oh, this, unfortunately, is as far as we could go and still sort of agree.

For #6, LB chose BBC’s INSPECTOR LEWIS (“The epitome of British bucolic mystery” according to LB), but munchman wanted to go with Fox’s FRINGE (“At last, a show that thinks the way I do, only more positive about its negativity,” is how munchman put it).

After that we just started shouting and waving our arms and threatening each other’s lives so, um, that’s it. TVWriter™’s short list of Top 10 series for 2012.

Seeya next year!

Interweb Series THE GUILD & Its Creator Felicia Day Return for Series 6

Crushin’ on Felicia Day. What do we do about it? What can we do?

Felicia Day Talks the New Season of Her Hit Web Series ‘The Guild’ and the Hazards of Being a ‘Girl Gamer’ – by Robert Echevarria

If you get on the internet for anything other than email, you would be hard-pressed not have heard of Felicia Day. An actress seen on shows such as “Eureka,” “Supernatural” and “House,” Day is the multifaceted creator, writer, producer and star [as Guild Priestess Codex] of the smash-hit web series, “The Guild.” Achieving longterm success in an online medium known for its short attention span is no small feat, but “The Guild,” which is centered around the lives of a group of gamers involved in an MMORPG, is moving into its sixth season, which premieres on Day’s YouTube channel Geek & Sundry on October 2nd. This level of success is no surprise when you look at the stats — “The Guild” has garnered over 69 million views and several awards, and has launched a handfull of music videos that have Day’s fangirls and -boys bubbling in a hormonal tizzy, which is ironic, because “sexy” isn’t a word that Day would use to describe herself.

“The Guild” is going into its sixth season, which is a great accomplishment considering the often ephemeral nature of the web.

A lot of work has gone into making the show, and for the first two years the show was funded by its fans through PayPal donations. And we have so many great and wonderful fans watching and supporting “The Guild,” plus subscribing to Geek & Sundry — without them, well…

It’s a great partnership you have with your fans. Do you have any season six details to share?

I can definitely say that Codex goes into a new world. She starts working at “The Game,” as you saw from season five’s cliffhanger, and everything takes off from there, including Vork’s [played by Jeff Lewis] new relationship. And we might even go into “The Game” a little bit.

Even though “The Guild” is your baby, do you feel its popularity has typecast you as the “hot geeky girl”?

I definitely don’t think I’m ever thought of as “the hot girl.” I’d certainly say the quirky, shy girl is something I’ve been lucky to put on the forefront of everyone’s minds. I created “The Guild” because nobody was offering me the roles I thought I could do best at in Hollywood.

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PayPal donations, everybody, that’s the ticket!

Felicia Day is TVWriter™’s Newest Hero

…A mutual friend says she, and, more specifically, her web series THE GUILD, inspired DR. HORRIBLE. This makes her a very, very, very important human being in the history of entertainment, does it not?

Of course it does.

Felicia created/wrote/produced/stars in the whole ongoing shmear. 35 episodes and counting. You can find all of them at her YouTube channel. And you definitely should.

Because even if Joss had never done his little YouTube piece, this series, about a young woman and her online friends who have no lives other than those they lead in a web role-playing game, is as funny and charming and sweet and even sometimes as sad as they come.