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Sublime Primetime 2017
by Kelly Jo Brick

The Writers Guild of America, West, the Writers Guild Foundation and Variety, hosted several of this year’s Emmy-nominated writers during their annual Sublime Primetime event. Moderator Larry Wilmore led a stellar panel of writers including Matt & Ross Duffer (STRANGER THINGS), Jo Miller (FULL FRONTAL WITH SAMANTHA BEE), Gordon Smith (BETTER CALL SAUL), Lena Waithe (MASTER OF NONE) and Steven Davis & Kelvin Yu (BOB’S BURGERS) in a discussion about breaking in, the process and ideas behind their nominated episodes, chasing trends and the delicate balance of blending humor and activism.

These Emmy-nominated writers shared with the best advice they received as they were starting out.

KELVIN YU – BOB’S BURGERS – You have to get a lot of bad writing out of your system as fast as you can. There’s a certain perfectionism and a certain ethos of letting perfect get in the way of good that stops people from that first step. So write something and make it as bad as you can possibly make it, like just literally get it out. Barf it out of your system and then write something again and imagine that it’s maybe just 4 percent less bad and then the third thing will be 4 percent less bad. It’s not ever as bad as you think it is. That’s the truth that you need to keep telling yourself. read article

Love & Money Dept – TV Writing Deals for 5/28/14

Latest News About Writers Who Are Doing Better Than We Are
by munchman

  • Bill Hader (SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE) has a development deal with HBO and will create and star in a new comedy series there. (Cuz dude’s fucking funny, man. Yeah, I know Lorne Michaels messed with him. But you know how it is with guys like Lorne. Just can’t understand true genius – like HBO can.)
  • Glen Mazzara (THE WALKING DEAD) is developing DAMIEN, described as “the antichrist in…a new TV series” over at Lifetime. (OMG! Just think how many women Damien could endanger! All the abuse he can heap on ’em! All the power he can take away! This is perfect for Lifetime, just perfect. Kudos to whatever genius executive came up with this concept…cuz God knows no self-respecting writer ever would.)
  • Speaking of horror shows, WE TV has hired Matt Lambert (can’t find any info on the right Matt Lambert) to write the pilot for SOUTH OF HELL, a show about a demon hunter, bringing James Manos Jr. (DEXTER) aboard as showrunner when the series goes on the air in 2015. (Guess Lambert and the WEe development geniuses aren’t getting along. Too bad Glen Mazzara didn’t step into this one though. Man knows how to write about chasing evil like nobody else.)
  • Here’s a cool switch: Loren Bouchard (BOB’S BURGERS) and the rest of the staff of that selfsame cult hit series are turning it into a comic book series instead of the usual other way around.  (As a lifelong – well, actually I started reading ’em in the womb – comic book fan, Yer Friendly Neighborhood Muncher thinks that’s awesome. I always wanted to write comics, and now I know how to get in. Just strike it lucky on TV!)