Peer Production: BLINK TO THE FUTURE


DOCTOR WHO! BACK TO THE FUTURE! Together again for the first time.

Just ask the Doctor: Mash-ups are cool. A tip of the TVWriter™ hat to creator/animator James Farr for setting the web animation bar for 2013: read article

DOCTOR WHO – The Broadway Musical

If this was really intended for Broadway we’d be freaked out and probably angry for reasons having nothing to do with its quality. (Proprietary fan knee-jerk reflex thing, you know?) But as a fan video we find it, well, how does “incredible” sound?

And, speaking of sound:

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Bob Zemeckis Coming to Fox TV

…And unless it turns out that all his wonderful films have been written/directed/saved by a mysteriously talented stranger, this is very good news:

Lookit that smile. Wotta punim, as my grandmother used to say.

Robert Zemeckis Signs Overall Deal With Fox TV Studios – by Nellie Andreeva

Robert Zemeckis is making a major move into television, inking a deal with Fox TV Studios. Under the overall pact, the BACK TO THE FUTURE writer/director Zemeckis and his producing partner Jack Rapke will develop and produce original programming for cable through their company ImageMovers. read article