DOCTOR WHO – The Broadway Musical

If this was really intended for Broadway we’d be freaked out and probably angry for reasons having nothing to do with its quality. (Proprietary fan knee-jerk reflex thing, you know?) But as a fan video we find it, well, how does “incredible” sound?

And, speaking of sound:


TVWriter™ hats off to the gang at Weekly Musicals!

On, and while we’re at it, Epic Rap Battles has another kind of Doctor musical:

One thought on “DOCTOR WHO – The Broadway Musical”

  1. Thought ‘DR. WHO’ was terrific! What a surprise. What a break from working on a script which has no beginning nor end, and a weak middle, and this comes along. Lawrence, you not only made my day, but I even forgive those long journeys to nowhere we used to have at QM. Bravo! gs

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