Bob Zemeckis Coming to Fox TV

…And unless it turns out that all his wonderful films have been written/directed/saved by a mysteriously talented stranger, this is very good news:

Lookit that smile. Wotta punim, as my grandmother used to say.

Robert Zemeckis Signs Overall Deal With Fox TV Studios – by Nellie Andreeva

Robert Zemeckis is making a major move into television, inking a deal with Fox TV Studios. Under the overall pact, the BACK TO THE FUTURE writer/director Zemeckis and his producing partner Jack Rapke will develop and produce original programming for cable through their company ImageMovers.

“Bob and Jack are a rare breed, as gifted and accomplished creatively as they are in production; we are excited and determined to make them as much of a dynamic brand in television as they are in film”, said FtvS president David Madden. He notes that he has had a long-standing relationship with both Zemeckis and Rapke as he served as an executive on the Zemeckis-directed ROMANCING THE STONE and made many deals with Rapke in his previous role as a top agent at CAA. “So we’re looking optimistically back to the future”, Madden quipped.

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“Wow, that David Madden sure is a clever quipper, huh, Bob?”

“Yeah, Jack, but I thought this announcement was going to be about us.”

“Oh, Bob, you’re such a dreamer. No wonder the audience loves you so much.”

“Can you please take your hand out of my pocket, Jack? Thanks.”