“That’s What We Love About the South”

Except that in this case it’s Texas:

TMZ.com reports that country singer Randy Travis was arrested after what could be the mother of bad nights…or maybe just a blip to him, who knows?

Looks like the Randyman had some problems driving home after entering a convenience store naked and trying to buy cigarettes. Supposedly, the clerk asked how he was going to pay and, stumped, our hero stalked out, got into his car, and drove it off the road.

When the police came, he threatened to shoot them, which didn’t go over nearly as well as his naked convenience store encounter so off to the hoosegow he went.

Can’t wait to hear the song he writes about this one. But no matter how good it is, we’re certain that the video will be even better.

(See, we got to the “writing” thing eventually. Just took awhile, is all. But the trip was fun, right? Although, we admit, maybe not as fun as the pic.)