Will LUTHER’S “Alice Morgan” Get Her Own Show?

God, we hope so. She’s such a beautiful monster, what’s not to love?

‘Luther’ Creator Considering an Alice Morgan Spin-off Miniseries – by Allison Willmore

Fans of “Luther,” the British crime series starring Idris Elba as a moodily brilliant police detective working in what’s actually called the Serious Crime Unit, will know Ruth Wilson’s charismatic and creepy Alice Morgan character just as well as Elba’s John Luther.

Alice, another genius whose tendencies are significantly darker, is a psychopath who starts off as Luther’s antagonist (one who kills her own parents) but who develops a strange sort of friendship with the man. While circumstances and scheduling conflicts led the character to be written off the show, Variety reports that “Luther” creator and exec producer Neil Cross is in talks with the BBC to make a miniseries centered on Alice:

“We’re kind of thinking very loosely of a mix between ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’ and ‘The Last Seduction,’…I’d love to move between the London of ‘Luther’ and America.”

Wilson’s been busy with the upcoming “Anna Karenina” and “The Lone Ranger,” and Variety reports that she’s yet to have any major talks with Cross about the series, but Cross says that “Even if I didn’t sell this thing, I would still end up writing the miniseries… I’ve got storylines going around in my head like trains.”

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At least one of us here at TVWriter™ has been thinking about potential spinoff situations for Alice Morgan, much to her politically correct chagrin, so we’re happy to see that Alice’s creator is in the same boat. And that certain someone will probably sleep well tonight, dreaming of an ever-expanding Alice body count.

Waitaminnit! Isn’t the last name of DEXTER’s eponymously named hero also “Morgan?” We know Alice’s and Dexter’s parents are dead, but that wouldn’t keep them from being related. Crossover! Crossover! We want a DEXTER-ALICE crossover!

Mmm, delicious…