Robin Reed: All Those Screens

robin reed cartoon
Like all millenials, Jayden never has to worry about being bored


by Anil Sthankiya

I look forward to ignoring this film on the History Channel.

Anil Sees BRAVE

Another mighty review from TVWriter™’s veteran Saskatoon correspondent, Anil Sthankiya.

Wait, did we say “veteran?” Producers, agents, no, don’t get the wrong idea, please. He’s young, he’s still young and vibrant and silly and immature and all that important stuff…oh, and he’s moved to L.A. Did we tell you he lives in L.A.?

Now, what we doing? Oh, right:

by Anil Sthankiya

After years of fellow animation studios producing technologically impressive but empty films, Pixar returns the favour, stealing their competition’s weak formula.

A Genuine Robin Reed Cartoon

Robin Reed, Cartoonist Supreme (among other things – check out Robin’s Kindle goodies) has come through with this televisiony comment from her archives.

And, as she way too modestly adds, it “was also in National Lampoon’s Best Cartoons of the 21st Century.

Thanks, thanks, thanks, and congrats, Robin.

But be warned: We’re waiting none too patiently for about a zillion more.

THE Basic Tip for New Writers in All Media

Gerald Sanford returns with a VIQ – Very Important Quickie:

by Gerald Sanford

Write to TELL a story…not SELL a story.